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Fantastic Podcast!!

The guests are phenomenal and Brian does a fantastic job leading the interview and getting some great answers!! Keep up the great job Brian!!

One of the best podcasts out there

Great range of different guests and information is exactly what the title says- actionable

Phenomenal podcast

Brian only brings on top notch guests. Every episode I can count on learning something from the best entrepreneurs and investors. Can’t stop listening.

Highly recommend!

Absolutely love Brian’s podcast. Highly educational with great guests.

Great podcast!

A friend of mine shared Brian’s podcast with me and it is fantastic. For those trying to better themselves or make their money work for them, this podcast is a phenomenal resource

Great podcast for getting your mindset right!

I recently ran across Brian’s podcast, and I’ve already discovered huge insights into how to improve my career and quality of life. Please keep it up, Brian!

This podcast is worth Brian’s weight in gold!

Brian gets top-notch guests who are sharing top-notch insight and advice! You can’t miss this show!

Love these interviews!

I had a chance to briefly speak with Brian and I was really impressed with him. Although I had to yell at him for not having a YouTube channel, he appears to be doing just fine without one. I’ve binged about 5 episodes in a couple of days. He smart, entertaining and his interviews are informative. Add this to your playlist.

Full of insight and practical advice

I’ve become a big fan of the show over the last several months. Brian picks great guests who share advice that I can apply in my investing journey. Great variety of accomplished, knowledgeable, and just plain interesting guests.

One of the best podcast out there

As I write this review there are 48 episodes and I’ve probably listened to 30+ of them. There has not been one episode that hasn’t spoken to me on some level. Episodes I’ve saved to listen to again are 3,7,8,9,17,19,21,22,25,27,29,37,38,44,and 47. Episodes 7 and 44 are my current favorites and I’ve shared them multiple times. Build the life you want by taking Action, and making this podcast one of your daily habits.

Love it!

Great show and super motivating!!!

Great Show with Great Guests

If you're looking for actionable steps and stories from some very successful people, Brian's podcast Isa great listen. Great interviewer and great guests leads to great content. Subscribe and you won't regret it!

Actionable advice

Brian is energetic, humble, and relatable. He's bringing on outstanding guests.

Amazing podcast!

Brian brings on some pretty great guests. There’s no fluff in this show. Actionable steps. That’s what people want to hear. Anyone pursuing real estate, personal growth, and all things money needs to listen to this show.

Great podcast

Listen to this podcast today. Lots of actionable steps on mind-set, real estate and living your best life. I hit the subscribe button and plan on listening to more episodes. - Kevin S

Best Freedom Podcast Available

Brian is one of the best hosts I’ve heard for a podcast and the subject matter is full of freedom and liberation. This is a “must listen” and has become a daily listen for me! If you’re an entrepreneur, this is your jam 🕶

Actionable Info

I find myself consistently moving Brian’s newest episodes to the top of my list. You walk away from every interview with actionable info. Several times I have found myself rewinding to revisit some of the insights. You won’t be disappointed!

Great variety of guests and info

I have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Brian has created such a unique podcast that brings in amazing guests from so many areas and each adds a ton of value. Each episode I listen to provides nuggets of information and ways to level up in life. Highly recommend listening.


Good stuff. Drees podcast is life changing!!

Super Valuable

I have sincerely learned multiple actionable tips from listening to Brian. He comes from a place of sincere curiosity that resonates with his listeners like me who are wanting to ask high level performers simile questions.

Great show!

one of the most insightful, thorough and intriguing podcasts.


Very motivating, educational, and relatable. Keep it up!💪🏼

Great podcast

Candid conversations with influential people. Highly successful interviews and Brian has a knack for conversation with his guests.

Fantastic podcast!

Brian crushes this podcast. Your missing out if you aren’t tuning in!

Love It!

Love the podcast! Focuses on taking action and overcoming the fear of potential rejection 🙏🏻💪🏻


One of my new favorite podcasts!

Loving it!

Brian is bringing on some of the best of the best at getting it done and man is it fun to listen and get inspired. Will be a lifetime listener with the inspiration I’ve received thus far!

This guy knows his stuff and his guests are outstanding!

Love hearing from all of Brian’s guests, so many different backgrounds and ventures. Gives you a variety of different successful people and different view points.

New favorite podcast

Brian brings on guests that can help you level up in life and asks all of the questions I am thinking. It’s so rare to find a podcast where someone can extract so much knowledge from basic resources to value bombs from guests, but brian crushes it

Genuine and full of actionable advice!

Thank you Brian! This is one of my favorite podcasts now! You conduct the interviews very genuinely and that clearly helps your guests open up and share very actionable advice. I'd pay to listen to this podcast! One way I think it could improve is to have a more diverse spectrum of guests, especially having more women as guests.