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Just started listening after Brian was on a mentor of mine’s podcast. He’s living his podcast intro in real life and he’s helping to get his word and knowledge out to others who are also trying to reach their point of financial freedom. Guests of his are absolute rockstars and if you aren’t in the room with them, you may as well be listening to what they have to say. Really appreciate you and the content you provide, Brian.

Game Changer!

Brian interviews incredible guests on the show week after week. The conversations are packed full of great stories and actionable strategies & tactics. The shorter episodes are powerful with focus on a single message or concept that could change your life.

Great podcast!

Mindset changing and inspirational for sure!

My new favorite podcast

Great new podcast. Brian brings on some really interesting guests in the investing and real estate world.

Real life unscripted

I love the raw format that feels more like stream of consciousness than some of the overly produced podcasts on mindset and growth. Brian shares the good, bad, and ugly so we get to learn from it all and not just be jealous of a highlight reel. This quickly became one of my favorite and most useful podcasts

Worth the daily listen!

Love this podcast! Brian brings great energy, and the mix of short form / inspiration and longer interview podcasts is awesome. 5 stars!

Great show

One of my daily podcasts. Always a different industry or a different theme in each episode!

Action Academy momentum

Great job to Brian and team for building a value add podcast, teaching people to build momentum and keep striding towards their goals. 👏

My new favorite podcast!

Brian is a great host and I can feel the genuine chemistry between him and the guests that it makes for a great conversation to listen to. The guests on the show are the types of people I want to surround myself with to level up in my finances, business, and relationships. Thank you for bringing fire content and such close proximity to those that have achieved their freedoms. Looking forward to the next episode!

Standout podcast!!

In the constantly growing world of motivational podcasts, Brian’s stands out above most! His content is always great - whether he is interviewing a guest or going solo - but his delivery is phenomenal and that’s what makes this a great podcast to listen to on a regular basis! Great content with poor production is boring and good production with weak content is simply entertainment. Brian’s podcast provides top notch content and excellent production so there is something to glean from each episode. Great work Brian! Keep it coming!

Energizing Content

I was turned on to this podcast by a fellow GoBundance Emerge classmate, and I was quickly hooked. Brian balances sharing his own story while also presenting meaningful conversations with incredibly successful people (both in life and business). His passion for the importance of taking action in one’s own life is palpable, and I often find myself inspired and energized after listening.

This podcast brings simplicity to drive action

This podcast brings simplicity to drive action. Fantastic guests that bring great practical applications to business. The host does a great job directing the conversation.

Blessings Vs Lessons

Loved the episode and loved what it teaches you in that most people can and will fail, it's how you get past it


This podcast is super valuable listen to it on the ride to work. The guests interviews are greats

I’m hooked

The first couple of episodes got me hooked. I like the mixture of short motivational episodes along with longer guest interviews. Brian’s perspective is making me think and opening my mind to new possibilities.

Top Class

One of these best investing/entrepreneurship pods out there

Great host; Great content

Brian is an engaging host and his content on business and investing is excellent. This is one people should be listening to consistently. -Adam

Awesome Podcast

Action Academy has been so inspiring to me over the last few months of listening to Brian and his guests. It’s always encouraging me to take action and know that it’s up to me to decide what I want for my life. The vision of being able to do what I want, with who I want, whenever I want keeps me going!


One of my new favorite podcasts! Brian is an awesome host!

Great guests, great content, great host

I really enjoy Brian’s podcast. His way of making guests talk about more than just the tactical things but rather the models and mindset. Like, follow and listen!

Great podcast!

A friend of mine shared Brian’s podcast with me and it is fantastic. For those trying to better themselves or make their money work for them, this podcast is a phenomenal resource. His energy and guest are always fantastic!

Energy every day!

Brian brings a ton of energy every episode which brings out the best content from all of his guests


Brian hits it out of the park every week! So many great guests with a ton of knowledge! Incredible interviewer with so much fun energy! Thank You for this!

Great show with golden nuggets of information

Lots of good tips on this show to help you expand your mindset and think bigger. Actionable steps to get you where you want to go. Guests are top notch and have some incredible stories.

Blueprint On How To Earn Your Freedom

Brian brings amazing guests that provide so much value. He is great interviewer and there is so much to learn from him and his guest. Definitely a must listen podcast to add to your library.

Only podcast I listen to everyday

Brain brings his A game everyday

Want a life on YOUR terms? Listen to this podcast!

Brian brings great content, great energy, and loads of inspiration. If you desire a life with more freedom and flow, then you HAVE to listen to this podcast. Make sure you check out the Quote that Will Change your Life from July 22, 2022. Incredible!

Don’t miss out!

Brian brings the Energy! Great Content and Great Guests! If you’re not tuning in, you’re missing out! 5stars!!

Fantastic info and great guests

Brian is a stud and we’re lucky he’s sharing his thoughts and strategies for FREEEEE

Solid Gold!

Brian inspires so many with his action and how to live a life by design. His guest always have great insights.