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Amazing podcast and very relatable for where I’m at in life!

Just stumbled upon this podcast and loving every bit of it right now!

Dropping Nuggets in Every Episode!

There are some podcasts that I listen to and there are others that I actively engage with and learn from. This is a show that I take notes on and that is helping me to grow my business and myself. Thanks for the great content and amazing guests!

Great Show

Brian is doing great work with the show. Having consistent, daily content that’s super insightful is something to look forward to every day. I hope Brian keeps this show going for a long time - great stuff!:

Most value per minute

Brian brings you helpful, relevant information to improve your health, bank account, and relationships. But that not what sets the podcast apart from the pack. Action Academy overflows with advice, mentorship, energetic humor, and calls-to-action. Brian doesn’t waste your time - he provides valuable leverage to get you further sooner.


Powerful and unique conversations. The guests are highly successful and provide in depth insights in all walks of life. I love how the host is asking real questions and not reading from a script. It’s not the same routine, each podcast episode is packed with value. Definitely keeping this in the favorites.

Awesome people…

Love this podcast. Interviews high performance high level successful people.

Nathaniel Smith-10

Great content, great quality, great listens!

This show is a must listen!

Brian brings on some amazing guest! His show stands behind its name, which is all about taking “action!” Give his show a listen because you will for sure leave with having value added to you!

Great Podcast

Solid actionable information with great guests!

Just was a guest! Brian asked great questions

I haven’t been asked some of the questions Brian asked me on our episode before and that made this podcast really fun and interesting. I always learn from lessons learned more than just success stories and Brian did a great job pulling that critical information out so that it can be learned from!

Follow this show!

Brian is fantastic! I was honored to have him as a guest on my show. It was FIRE! So now I follow his, because he offers the same incredible value. Thank you for the work you do. Keep it up man!

Listen to Brian!

Brian is a great host! Not only is he engaging and funny, but he asks great questions and gets his guests to deliver what makes them tick in a way that you can learn from and implement. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love it!

I come away from this show with actionable advice every time!

Massive value

This show provides massive value every time! Keep it up Brian!!

Highly recommended

First time giving a review, but felt like I needed to because how much value I get from Brian and his guests. I would highly recommend to anyone trying to better themselves and their family.

Love we This Show!

Brian has an incredible story and is very inspiring. Not only that, but his guests are incredible. I can always rely on this podcast to provide daily nuggets of wisdom.

Great motivator

This podcast was recently suggested to me and what attracted me initially was the fact that Vivid vision and EOS are your game plan, I love them both and feel they are my path to success too. I love the fact that so many guests talk honestly about their journeys and how they achieved amazing success, proving that anyone that has a plan and stays focused can and will be successful. Thank you for the amazing life changing show!

Great Podcast

Since starting the podcast several months ago, i have learned a ton. I really like the follow up emails and summaries. Great job!!!

Great listen

This podcast is a great listen to get you FIRED UP about financial independence and overall life change. I love that Brian try’s to creat as much value as possible to the listener.


I love listening to Brian because I too am 27 and see a lot of what he is doing as where I want to be. My theme as of the last 3 months has been ACTION, so…this is perfect!

Great show and energy!

Asks great questions, brings energy and provides energy for the listener! Must listen.

Wealth of knowledge on every episode!

Brian does a phenomenal job interviewing his amazing lineup of guests. He does his homework to get new tips & gems from the guest. I always learn something new on every podcast!

Amazing Value Five Days a Week

This podcast is awesome. Like many other podcasts, Brian provides the technical advice for how to make money/reach financial independence. What sets this podcast apart from the others is that Brian dives into the deep and difficult (and more important) topics such as finding happiness and purpose in life. Although not easy, making money in simple and has been laid out on a platter for us by many people who have already done it. Achieving happiness and fulfillment in life is something that far fewer people achieve, and Brian is helping us all do so with this podcast.

Daily learning and motivation

New to the podcast but already love it and have gone back and listened to many old episodes. It is stocked full of great lessons and motivation to get own and be a successful entrepreneur.

So Inspirational!

I just recently started listening to this podcast and I am absolutely obsessed! This is the most inspirational podcast I have ever listened to and I’m so excited to start reading the books and implementing the advice I have learned so far!

Major value each week

I’ve gotten so much value from listening to this podcast. I’ve paid a lot for coaching and mentoring and Brian’s podcast has a lot of the advice that I get from these paid services. And it keeps me motivated every day with an episode five times a week! So awesome and I so appreciate Brain for what he does for his listeners. I try to put into action the stuff that he teaches.


They say you become like the closest five people you know well I listen to this guy all the time so I’m hoping that I can become just like him! I have been borrowing his thoughts and it really makes me think that achieving wealth in real estate as possible sooner than later. Give this a listen if you want your mind to be blown!

Highlight of my day

I always start my mornin off by listening to Brian’s podcast. It puts me in the best head space for the day and helps give me a new perspective on so many different topics.

Great podcast!

A friend of mine shared Brian’s podcast with me and it is fantastic. For those trying to better themselves or make their money work for them, this podcast is a phenomenal resource. His energy and guests are always fantastic!


Incredibly insightful information provided in an amusing format. Love this!