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Excellent Content

Brian does a great job adding value to his podcast speakers. The content is actionable, relevant and easy to digest!

Awesome Value l

I love to hear from people who are a bit further down the trail then me. These interviews inspire me to grow!!

Awesome show!

Love listening to this podcast… Brian brings it every single episode!! The content is amazing and the guest lineup is A . Nice work Brian — you’ve created a podcast that offers some deep insights and it blows me away!

Fave mindset podcast

These interviews are really motivating, you’re killing it!

Top 5 Mindset + Business Podcasts

The Action Academy podcast is for anyone looking to level up their mindset, business, and life. Brian brings on top-tier guests and really gets down to the details of scaling, leveling up, and executing in all aspects of their life. Highly recommend!


Simplicity and actionable advice! Really great podcast!

Great Content

Makes you think and examine what you are doing. Insightful.

Insane value

I love this show!!!!! Every time I listen I get some many takeaways in my life and business that I can apply instantly. Thank you for creating such a great show. 🙏🏻💪🏼💪🏼

Bringing the A game!!!!

What a great Podcast. I recently discovered this podcast and was blown away! The lineup of high quality guests in simply mind blowing. What a smooth interview style and content that keeps you coming back for more. Thanks Brian for sharing so much value. You really do ask phenomenal questions!

Amazing perspectives

Brian is a fantastic host and the content is incredible. Deep questions, lots of mindset shifts and he gets great high level guests!

Fantastic Show!

A great show that is very relatable for anyone trying to get ahead! Brian is able to provide value in a very down to earth way, and makes me excited for the release of each new episode after listening. Highly recommend!

The best

This podcast is a great way for people to see the evidence of hard work and networking can get you, while giving you great advice and tips on a successful future!

Actionable Steps

This podcast sets itself apart from others by laying out action you can take today to improve your life. Brian recognizes that people are all at different chapters in their journey and he and his guests tailor their conversations to action everyone can take regardless of circumstances.

Fun, Engaging, and Informative!

This podcast is filled with energy and fun banter. It’s not your typical “do this and you’ll make money” type of podcast. It’s something you can listen to the stories of others and see what they did. They don’t try to sell the “perfect formula”. They elaborate specific steps and risks they took to get where they are. I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen!

Packed full of value!

Brian does a terrific job interviewing successful entrepreneurs. His podcast is full of actionable content where you can learn from those playing at a very high!

Action indeed!

Brian has amazing guests for starters. Just wow. So many great nuggets of wisdom each episode. But what’s great is throughout each episode he makes a point to determine what action steps his listeners can take each day to find success!

Great content!

In each episode, Brian is very intentional about bringing value to audience and also makes it fun to listen to. I have enjoyed listening weekly to each podcast. I think I speak for everyone when I say this isn’t your average podcast. Thanks, Brian and guests for the content!

Great host, incredible guests

Brian does a wonderful job asking his guests the questions we all want to know. He provides actionable steps and relates it all back to the listener. Thanks for a great show, keep it up!


Excellent podcast. Provides real world examples and easy to understand advice. Perfect for anyone wanting to take their financial goals to a high level. 10/10.

Wonderful podcast

I can't wait for the new episode each week. Brian is an excellent host and always asks the perfect questions. And the guests.... Wow!!! They are amazing! They are very inspiring and insightful. Keep it up, Brian

Phenomenal perspective!!

Brian’s ability to interact with A list investors and entrepreneurs to give insight to beginners is life changing. This podcast gives great perspective into habits and skills that will change your life. Look at his story … broke to success in a fast timeline. Listen and you won’t be disappointed.

Best Value Podcast

Each episode is packed with tons of value, tips, and actionable advise. The quality of guests is unreal. Keep up the great content Brian!!

Not your average podcast!!

This content with Brian asking multimillionaires personal and professional questions is absolutely amazing! It’s like getting to sit down with each one of these successful people and ask them the same questions to learn from their experience. I absolutely love the amount of value provided with well devolved questions and I just want to say thank you Brian for always producing solid content and being able to set up this platform to learn from the best ! - Corey Miller ( GoBundance Bro )

Must listen!

3 episodes in and can’t wait to listen to more. In addition to Brian, the guests on this show are rockstars and bring so much value.

A Must listen to Podcast!!

What a great podcast. Rockstar guests! Must listen if you don’t want to be one of the people stuck in the rat race for life, and are working toward financial indapedance!

Must listen

Brian’s podcast is awesome and a must listen for people looking for massive growth and expansion. The content is super informative and helpful!

Great Insight

This guy is a young hustler and destined for great things. His guests are big hitters and provide serious insight that you’ll want to hear multiple times over. There’s a reason he’s able to get big names.


Awesome guests with great insights. I’ve personally been able to pick up game changing tips from nearly every episode. If you are an entrepreneur or want to be one, this is one you need to add to the list!!

Great info

Brian has great people on the show. There is a wealth of information to listen to. I recommended this podcast to anyone that has a growth mindset.

Life changing content in EVERY podcast

Brian is an awesome host -- his energy abounds, clearly reflecting his passion for the podcast. He asks insightful questions that distill key lessons from the accomplished and high-caliber guests he has on the show. I'm always waiting for when the next podcast will air so I can learn something useful, gain new perspective, or at the very least, be motivated from the content! Keep it up!