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March 17, 2022

AirBNB: How to Buy, Manage, and Profit w/ Brandon Thompson

AirBNB: How to Buy, Manage, and Profit w/ Brandon Thompson
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Brandon Thompson left his multi-seven figure a year house flipping business to start over again fresh where he's passionate - in the world of Short Term Rentals.

He now has a portfolio of 22 STRs and growing and is planning to bring in 7 figures by end of 2022 with his new venture! Along with these properties he has a brokerage in north georgia specializing in STRs alone, and also a new mastermind 5 Star STR success  to help educate people on how to find success in this class!

Brandon has decades of experience in all things real estate, today learn how to:
-Decide if AIRBNB is for you
-how to underwrite the deals
-what management software he uses
-what profit can you expect?
-Where should you buy?



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