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Feb. 1, 2022

What Stories Are You Telling Yourself? | DJ Savoy

What Stories Are You Telling Yourself? | DJ Savoy
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DJ Savoy is a Louisiana Based Investor with a portfolio of 227 Rental Units, a strong beard, and a Philosopher's mind. 

After going through an abusive childhood and battles with addiction, DJ was able to turn his life around, save his marriage, and amass an asset portfolio of 6.5 million dollars in 8 years.
DJ is a huge follower of Tony Robbins and is a member of his "Platinum Partners", having close personal access to him for the last three years. This has allowed DJ a high level of wisdom and introspection that he's able to share with all of us in today's episode along with life changing advice as a bonus. 

In today's episode - you will learn:

  • How to kill limiting beliefs / stories
  • How to overcome life's obstacles
  • How to bake Gratitude into your life
  • How to Give/Receive Abundance
  • How to use BRRRR method in acquiring Real estate
  • The power of mentorships and masterminds

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You got this cup, and you try to fill this cup up and you get this 12 ounce cup and then it overflows. And then you try to go to a 16 ounce cup and it's still overflowing and then you go to this big goal 32 ounce. And then no matter what you do, this thing is just overflowing and you're, you don't have the capacity, this vessel don't have the capacity to hold all of this abundance. And so what do you do, I heard like, you, you take that cup, and you cut the bottom off, and you allow this abundance to flow through you. And that's how you continue to receive this abundance. It's not you trying to hold all of this is by receiving and giving. Because when we give them we receive and you create this perpetual loop of abundance that is just pouring in you and whatever is poured into you, you flow that out to others. Welcome to the action Academy podcast staring back while I celebrate freedom, the show where we help you achieve financial independence with a mindset methods and actionable steps from guests who've already earned their freedom, the freedom fly. Choose to do what you want. What do you want with who you want with who you want, when you want when you want with another episode today. Now, here's your host, Brian Luebben. Oh, man, we got another episode for you today. Welcome, welcome. Welcome, welcome back or welcome for the first time to the action Academy podcast. I'm your host, as always, Brian Luebben bring you the mindsets, the methods and the actionable steps from guests who have already earned their freedom so that you can earn freedom in your life in business today. Now today we have we have a combination going on here. So a I'm fired up from the guests that we just had. Freakin phenomenal guy. I love him dearly. So a fired up from that be. I'm all hyped up on pre workout. I'm about to go to the gym. So you know, get a little bit of this, a little bit of that and what you get as a result is a frickin awesome podcast intro, if I do say so myself. Today's guest is none other than my buddy, DJ Savoy. Now, I don't know what it is about these Louisiana boys. And for some reason I keep gravitating towards Lake Charles. But what can I say DJ is doing huge things. He has over 275 rental properties. About 170 of those are single family and the rest are multifamily. And they are cash flowing net $300 per month. So he goes into this in the interview. So I'm doing the math right now whipped up my calculator. So thank God I graduated high school and used all that math that they taught me. So that's for all those houses. $300 net net cash flow is $82,500 per month, so the guys doing alright, DJ is doing fine. So besides that he's closing on a 56 unit with my buddy Cody Caswell, go check out Cody's episode. He's a couple episodes back, I think it was the third episode that I did for this podcast. So that's another good one. But besides all of this DJ has a lot to offer in the business sense. But he also has a lot to offer in the personal development sense and gratitude, and killing limiting beliefs and stories that you're telling yourself. So that's actually where we begin the interview. And we go really deep into his upbringing and the wild story that created DJs avoid that we know love today. So as we finish up this intro right before we're about to go into the show, I've got a fun statistic to share with all of you. If you go like right and review this show, the action Academy podcast, you are 32% more likely to hit all of your wildest goals and dreams. Can you believe that 32%. So I mean, if I was you, I would probably go leave a rating and a review on the show. That's just the math checks out. And also, if you are interested in abundance, DJ is a member and he talks about it all the time. He shouts it from the mountaintops. So if you're interested in looking into abundance, you can check in the show notes. There's a couple of links, you can either check out the website or book a call to learn more. So without any further ado, let's get to it. DJ Savoy DJ Savoy, what is up brother? What's up my brother? How are you? I am doing fantastic. I just got back from Park City. I was hanging out with this bearded gentleman a good bit. And we were talking well, well live a little bit about mountain a little bit about the mountains of life. And then I was like, Hey, man, it's we need to get you on a podcast get you on a zoom call. And now here we are my friend. Let's do it. My brother looking forward to it. Thank you for having me. Looking forward to diving in and going deep man talking life business wherever you want to take it brother. Love it. So that actually brings me to my first question. I'll do a little intro of you and kind of your business and everything before this interview airs here. But my first question for you is, before we go into your story, because you have a very deep and interesting story, I want to talk to you about your relationship with Tony Robbins, and your whole concept of all these stories that we tell ourselves in our head. So you kept mentioning that of this last week, and I would say something, you'd be like, Oh, that's just a story. You're telling yourself. That's just a story you're telling yourself. So before we get into your story, talk a little bit about this, because I think that's super interesting. And I think that's a lot of value right out the gate that we can offer to everyone listening to this right now. Yeah, I'm very grateful to Tony, I've learned a lot from him, but follow him for years. But attending my first event in 2019, UPW, and then business mastery than they were destiny, then I decided to jump in with the platinum partners. And it's been a it's been a game changer, man, just really helping me to understand the programming that's in our subconscious. And being able to step out of that and be able to see the conditioning and the programming that we were basically born into, we were born into our culture, we were born into this language, you have a different perspective than I have somebody on the other side of the world may have a whole completely different perspective. And how we see the world is how we show up. And I say we're born into these stories, right? If you're born into a certain family, that family probably has a certain story that has been carried on. So going through a lot of that, and I've been doing this work for 11 years now, just really working on myself and understanding myself better and going deeper to understand the programming and the stories that have had me honestly, for a very long time, I didn't realize that I was in this story and telling myself these things over and over again to where I believe that they were the truth. And so whenever we are able to have awareness, I think that awareness is the key, am I aware of the stories that I'm telling myself, that's to me, that's the key. And whenever I was able to step outside of that, so out of body, like step out and be able to see myself and the emotions and the thoughts that's going on, and being able to observe those from almost like a third party view and say, Is that really true? Isn't that interesting? So just a question and ask myself, Is this really true? And that's part of the part of what I've been doing for quite a while now. And it's a habit now to where I'll just look at is that really true. And sometimes it is, sometimes I need to go deeper. Sometimes I need to change my beliefs. And that's why I love surrounding myself with like minded people. And people that are on different journeys go beyond this. This is just an amazing tribe to where we all challenge each other, we support each other, we hold each other accountable. And we've all got these different perspectives and putting them together, man, it just creates so much synergy. And that's why I love this group, man. Yeah. And I find my trigger point for whenever I'm telling myself something, I ask the question to snap out of it. I say, Where'd you hear that? Huh? When I asked that, I'm like, Who told you that? And whenever I asked that, it's you got your monkey mind, right? You've got this conscious monkey mind, animalistic reptilian brain working in the background at all times. And it programs you to think and feel certain ways. And some that I think back and normally goes back to something that somebody told me way long ago, or maybe in my childhood, or maybe something that was pushed down on me or pushed against me when I was a child. But for people listening, that maybe aren't under that aren't familiar with the concept of quote unquote, stories. Can you maybe give an example of some tangible stories that maybe people would normally deal with and tell themselves that prevent them from being the most authentic and highest version of themselves? Yeah, man. So let's see, I believe that we are always either speaking life, or speaking death, and sometimes the stories that come into our consciousness, we can look at that the same way. Whereas Am I listening to life? Or am I listening to death? So I think it's something to be conscious and aware of. And you said you brought up like the monkey the monkey mind. So why I don't know talks about the drunk monkey, the drunk monkey on your shoulder. So to me, that's the death speaking right? Who are we listening to? And whichever I'll call it, voice or spirit, however you want to say Look at whichever ones we are harvesting and listening to and reaffirming or the fruits that's going to show up. So do we want to do we want to plant these seeds of life and light? Or do we want to plant these seeds of darkness and heaviness. So we need to be very aware of the stories that are coming up. So for me, and I think for a lot of people, the cool thing is, we think that all of our struggles, and all of our issues and all of our stories are isolated. We think that they're that they're just us, and we don't want to share those, we don't want to really open ourselves up and truly be seen. Because we're afraid that if you if I open myself up and be truly who I am, that you may not like me, you may not like who I am, you may not accept me. And then ultimately, you may not love me, and that's our deepest fear is that we're going to show ourselves and open ourselves up. And those who we love, admire and respect are not going to love us. And I found that the opposite is true. So that's kind of like the that's the story of the darkness. That's the story of death telling us don't share that story. Hide it, conceal it, don't share that because if you do, well, they're not gonna like you anymore. And it's just total BS man, I found like, the more that I opened up, and the more that I share my story and share my true authentic self, man, like the more of those those like minded people are just attracted to a man and we all have man, we got different stories, but at the root, they're so similar man. And one of one of the key stories. I'm not enough, right. That's one of those stories of that's one of those dark stories that I don't deserve this. I don't deserve worthy. I'm not enough, all of that BS man that the darkness tries to pull us down. And if we're not conscious of it, and we're not aware of it, man, that story is playing on loop is playing on repeat. And before staying internal sometimes that's good, have us it has us from behind, so is driving us and we don't even know that it's driving us. So I think that's a big story that we could look and see. Like, why don't I want to share myself? Why don't I want to open up and share? I heard a story the other day forgot who was coming from Oh, Dr. Kelly. So we're doing coaching with Dr. Kelly. Now my wife and I, Jessica, and he was talking about a man that basically set up and said, Hey, look, I'm a man I was raised that men don't have fears men are not afraid of anything. Men don't cry. Men are not afraid of anything and Duchess Kaley said that's interesting. How about this? How about we take that same thing and go internal and we say men are not afraid to share their true feelings men are not afraid to share what's inside whoa I'm Kelly bomb flips the script right there man I was like wow, that's powerful right there man because as man we go so internal man and we feel like we've got to have all the answers as leaders of our businesses we can't show any weakness we got it we got to always know where we're going. What nothing gets to us. I was talking the other day and my wife and my mom were right there and I was talking to just about maybe in like whenever I get stressed out what do I do and my mom was like you get stressed out and and worried since when I'm like man I'm always stressed out and I'm always worried right so that's just the the kind of the front that I put up because I have to show up as I got all the answers and I'm not afraid and what's really that's BS man all of us have these fears all of the all of us have these insecurities. And whenever we put them out in front of us and we could see them and we could share them with one another man we just attract so many more people and along the path. Yeah, I I don't know what how far you want to go with this. So I don't want to take too much time so I could keep on going man for days. That's why That's why I wanted to start with this because in our group for everyone listening in our group like this is what me and DT this these conversations we have with me and DJ are drunk right here sitting down drinking these watered down old fashions just talking about life and different limiting beliefs and how they're pre programmed. It's weird. How are all of our defaults as humans and especially as males, it's to the negative it's to don't shine too bright. Don't stand out. The the nail that sticking up the most is going to get hammered down. You're not enough. Etc, etc. so forth. So on. So for you in the car D I'm about to invite DJ to share his story about how he grew as a man in his business, because both fronts are equally as impressive. But for you listening to this right now, I would challenge both challenge and invite you to maybe pause this right now or take some time time after the show, and really take some time to think and ask yourself, what stories Am I conscious of? Or what stories Am I not conscious of currently? And just ask the question and see what, see what answers pop up, because normally you'll find one or two answers that are obvious. And then you're gonna find even more answers that you never even considered. And once you get that monkey, once you get that drunk monkey sent off to Alcoholics Anonymous, then you're golden. You're off to the races, DJ, I think that's a perfect segue, brother. I want to let you loose man, I want to hear your story. I've heard it multiple times. But it's very beautiful. And to your point about being authentic and transparent and opening the kimono. That's where you both give and receive love at the highest level. And dude, I freaking love you, brother. So I'd love to hear your story, man, as much as you're comfortable with sharing, let it rip. And I truly believe everyone listening to this will get a lot of value from it. Appreciate that, brother. Love you too. And just one last thing on that on the last thought whenever you start getting into these noticing your scripts, noticing your stories, noticing all of this stories of unworthiness, and I'm not enough and things like that. It's almost like it, it never ends, man. So we think that we think that we got it, we've been doing this for over 11 years now. And you're working on this. And you get to this point where you're like, Oh, I've mastered this, I've conquered this. And that's whenever something else slips in man. So was saying, whenever you are noticing that you're slipping, new to that dark side slipping to the to where you don't want to be like, look at that and give yourself grace and look at that as a win. So whenever we are aware, and we catch ourselves in those stories, or those scripts, those old programmings look at that as a win, because awareness is the key. So whenever we are aware of it, if you weren't aware of it, you would have never caught it. So give yourself some grace, pat yourself on the back and celebrate that as a win, win whenever you're caught when you walk in and you and your wife get into an argument because you're thinking about something or you're telling yourself a story or whatever it is like that's a win because you notice it. And now what are we going to do to improve upon that? So I just wanted to share that before we move on because I know that's been a challenge for me, man. Yeah, born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana had a interesting childhood. I won't say it was bad because I believe that everything happens for a reason. And life is always happening for us. So every all of my childhood I look at has made me who I am today. So I don't want to I don't want to say this in like a negative light. But at the time when I was going through my childhood, it felt it felt heavy. It felt like it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. But as I look back and reflect on my life, oftentimes the best things in my life has happened due to what I thought was the worst things that could have ever happened to me in my life. So growing up I was my I was surrounded by a lot of drugs I was physically abused until I was 17 we were extremely poor food stamps welfare you name it we had we had to depend on on the government and everybody around us to make ends meet that right there created a lot of scarcity man, I had no control. I had no certainty full of scarcity, like always wondering what was going to happen next, I would be in in fear from day to day just from we would be sitting there watching TV or talking. And next thing I know I'm getting slapped upside the head. And so I was always like walking on eggshells, and I'm always like, it gave me like this heightened sense of awareness fan by aisle, I had to always be on guard ready for an attack. And so that gave me this situational awareness where I feel has greatly helped me in business just to be aware of my surroundings. I was in Golden Gloves at age 1011. I started Golden Gloves started boxing then all my life I was an arm wrestler. So my dad was a professional arm wrestler. And I started at very early age, he started showing me how to arm wrestle. I was one two years old, he would grab his finger and wrap my hand around it and he would put me in the right technique. So I grew up I was born into armwrestling and by the time I was 13, enter my first professional arm wrestling tournament and I lost both of my matches. It was doubly elimination. So I lost both of them but I was hungry so I got crushed man I got crushed but it kind of it put a drive into me. So I went and started training and I started out by the time that I was 16 One the Alabama State Championships. So I was an Alabama state champion at 16 And I remember coming back with this big trophy, show my girlfriend at the time, and I was like, it just boosted me so much, man. And so I was just creating these goals around armwrestling I would travel all around the country. I ended up being on fox sports ESPN thing. I think I got third in the nation was the highest that I that, uh, competed in Yeah, I was in love with arm wrestle. Man. I did all other sports too. But arm wrestling was like, that was my thing, man. So I had to drop out all my sports in high school so I could travel the country in arm wrestle. This is what's that? So this is a first man. I didn't even know about that. Come on, man. Yeah, I told him, I tore both my rotator cuffs later on. So that kind of ended my wrestling career. It's been a fun ride, man. But around around 17 I started to I was out of my house. So I left my house at 17 and started getting into drugs and partying and all that stuff, we would do crazy stuff man like me and my friends, we would go to Mexico, my dad hooked me up with the Mexican Mafia. So I had a contact with the Mexican Mafia. And we would go to Mexico, Laredo, Mexico, and we would come back with enough pills to stock a small pharmacy man, like we would smuggle these things across the border and go and party and we would go in. And that was how I made my living. So I was in pharmaceutical sales, right? So. So I did that. So I did that. And in the beginning, it was kind of like we just party and it wasn't anything really too serious. But then I started taking pain pills, and just to kind of party every now and then. And slowly. But surely that became an addiction man. And I was by the time I was 1819, I was completely and utterly addicted to opiates. So from pain medicine, going into heavier stuff into Oxycontin, and things like that I was. So I was addicted from 18 to 22. I was hardcore, addicted, like I couldn't even wake up and go to I wouldn't even go to work unless I had a handful of pills. That's all I was doing was searching for that. And I noticed that I've always been super driven man, like, it's just been all within me. And those drugs just suppress my drive so much man. And whenever I noticed that, I'm like, Man, I cannot allow this to take hold on me. And I remember I couldn't even I would argue with Jessica and she would bring things up and I couldn't remember. So I couldn't even argue back because I was always so messed up man at age 22 My dad and I got an argument. And from all the stuff that happened to me from my childhood just came up and I was like, Alright, this is where we're gonna, we're gonna finally settle this. And we were arguing over the drugs. And I called him outside and I'm like, All right, finally gonna face my fears, man, this is going down now. So I called him outside. And whenever I looked at him coming through the window, he grabbed a pistol and was came on out that door with a pistol and he's he was crazy enough to do something to shoot me. So whenever I saw him coming outside with that pistol, I took off on a man and I was just heartbroken back moving back to whenever I was 12, my dad pulled a gun on the in front of his friends. And I was just so embarrassed and humiliated and scared all at the same time. It was just a fear that never left me. So whenever you pull that gun on me again at 22, it brought back all of those emotions, took off running, and Jessica, what was there before right before that happened. And she saw us doing whatever with the drugs and I'd promised her that I would have already quit. And so she saw so she left me. She left at the time. And then my dad pulls a gun on me an hour later. And so all of that combination, allow me to go back and reflect man, I was so hurt. And I was a thought about my life and like where am I? And like where am I and where am I going and I just forecasted like 20 years into the future. I just sat there and I could see myself 20 years into the future. I was 22 at the time and I could just see myself living in a trailer right next my dad trading drugs back and forth running the same life in 20 years. And it scared to death man like I was I was so scared to see that and to be that and end up like that. I instantly changed right there and I call Jessica said look, I'm checking myself into rehab. I checked myself into rehab went through seven days a detox I never actually entered the program because after seven days man once it once that was out of my system and my mindset was changed. I remember after getting out of detox I had hit all these pills all over the house and in my car because I didn't know if I didn't know would still want to go back afterwards. So, whenever I got out, I was so happy that I felt so good. I went and got Jessica and I was like, Look, watch this. And I start pulling out all these pills from under the bed and in the car and she said, What are you doing? And I went and grabbed the whole bag and I went and dumped them in the toilet a whole it was probably a few $100 worth of pills, man, dumped them all in the toilet and flush them. And I was just smiling ear to hear man and I was like, never again. And from then on she was like, Alright, let's do this. Yeah, man. That was so freeing. After that I went God, I started a career in risk management. I was working in oil and gas industry. I worked my way up to like the top three in the oil and gas industry. I was working for a fortune 200 company. I was a risk manager and HR manager. So I thought that was going to be my career path. And I met my plant manager at the time, Terry, who's in, he's in go bonus. You met Terry Terry Clark, he's in Atlanta. And I told him, I said, I have a goal. I'm going to buy one rental property a year for the next 10 years. And that's going to be my retirement plan. I want to have 10 houses for my retirement. He said really not been in real estate for 25 years. I said really. And from then on I was in his office every day, every lunch, we're talking about real estate, he went through the crash, just hung on to every word I learned. I sucked up everything that I possibly could. And we are starting a business together in 2014. So that was 2012. We started up our business in 2014. We bought a home Messers franchise we buy ugly houses. So we bought that. And I only bought one house in my life. And that was my personal residence in that first year, we ended up buying 30 houses in our first year. So in five months, we bought 10 houses in the first five months, and I hit my 10 year goal in five months. And that's whenever I stepped back and said, Well, I'm thinking way too small and like, Where can I really take this. And so we bought 30 houses in our first year. And then after a year in three months, I left my corporate career and just jumped out man. And that was a whole nother whole nother story right there. Because I was the sole provider, my wife, let's see four years earlier, four or five years earlier, as she was working. She made about 35,000 a year. And I told her I wanted her to quit, because I wanted her to be a stay at home mom, because I knew that's what was the right thing to do. I knew that's what she wanted to do. But we really couldn't afford but I said I want you to quit, I know that this is gonna work out. And what I did that for is I knew that it would drive me more if that that 35,000 coming off was going to make me have to step up even more. And that's exactly that. Yes, that's exactly what I did, man. So I stepped up and was trying to I just found a way and I don't want to get too far ahead of you, man. So you start that you start the home busters franchise and then you start diving into real estate buy 3030 homes your first year then where'd you take that? So you go from there where yet now so now we are at we just hit a 227 doors 227 rental properties. About 150 of those are single family and then we have some multifamily Cody and I just closed on that 56 unit apartment complex. we're renovating that we got a couple short term rental properties, and then all the rest are long term rentals. So we've got I've got three home investor franchises now. So I've got one in Lake Charles, one in Lafayette and one in Baton Rouge. We've got a property management company. And yeah, that's about where we're at right now. Yeah, just a slight tweak, if you will, what are those? What What if you don't mind me asking what are those rentals cash flow and per month? Yeah, so there were just under if you average them out, we're just under $300, a door net cash flow that's net in our pocket after principal, taxes, aberdein, all of that stuff. And I'm at 60, just under 65% loan to value across the board. So we do the burr method. We've been doing that before we even knew what Burr was. So we would buy the property, we would renovate the property, lease it out. And then we would do a cash out refinance, pull out all of our cash, and then I would still be in it for 65 to 70% loan to value with none of my cash in it and cash flow and $300 a door. So that was like the split that with Terry, or is that. So we've got I got several different entities. So we've got I think I'm up to about 11 or 12 entities now. So I've got different partnerships on different entities. So yes, Terry and I started out and we had another partner in the beginning that it didn't work out on our active company on the home investors company but we kept him in on one of the rental portfolio so that gave me the idea I could partner with me More than one person and create these portfolios. So, today, I've got, you know, probably six different partners and growing. So I really like that model of partnering up with people. Right now, I'm partnering up with operating partners, people who are coming into the business want to learn it, they're hungry, they're driven, help them with the resources with the goals, and they hit the ground running, and I'm helping them. And then we're able to grow this portfolio together, grow our business together. So that's the phase that I'm in right now. Cool. And then where were you pulling the capital from to get that first 3030 homes that first year? Yeah, so I had so before starting that business, I had zero net worth nothing. Actually, I took a picture of my I did a screenshot of my banking account only have one bank account, and it was negative. So I was like, dude, snapshot, I'm like, I'm saving this because this is gonna be my like, before and after, like, I knew this was happening. And so that was I went from a negative net worth. And then I had a $10,000 bonus in 2013, at the end of the year, and I took that $10,000, and a partner with Terry and our other partner, Jim, we put in $10,000, to start that business, the whole Investors Business, and that was for advertising overhead. All of that we ended up financing franchise at the time was like $50,000. So we put up $30,000, collectively, and I put out $10,000 of my own money, the only $10,000 that I had, with Jessica, at home. Yes, Jessica be at home. And we were on the Dave Ramsey plan. And so two years before that, we went through Financial Peace University, we were getting rid of all of our debt, I sold my truck we were at, we had one vehicle. So I'm like the top three guy at the plant. And I'm driving up with my wife and getting dropped off every day from my wife. So it was like very humbling. But I knew where we were going, like, No, this is short term pain, long term gain, like we're gonna make this work. So I roll that $10,000 into the business. And that was the last dollar that I put in the business out of my own pocket. And we have grown this entire business from that $10,000 seed. So went to the bank, and we collateralize our vehicles, houses, everything that we could get, and the bank ended up giving us a $200,000 line of credit. So we use that $200,000 line of credit and just kept on growing on that. And then as we would so our model was we buy one property to sale to cover our overhead we buy one property to keep one property to sell. So it's like 50%, we would keep half of them. And then we roll the rest to cover our expenses. And we didn't take anything out of the business for the first year and a half. And yeah, we grew that thing to where we are now today. I think we're at right about $15 million portfolio. So you went from working the timeframe back so this was 2014 that you started? Yeah. 2014 2014. So you are at negative net worth what are yet today. So today I am right about six and a half million. All right. So six and a half million less than 10 years. Yeah, for after everything that you endured, after everything that you went through. You didn't have a silver spoon in your mouth. You had a frickin rusty spoon. And then you came out here, and then you swung deejays of why you freakin rock star dude, I love your story. I'm sorry. I love it. Man. It's Scott. It's so inspiring. If you're so remember, if you're for you listening, remember when I asked you about what story were you telling yourself? Before we went into that? I would invite you to ask that same question again and say question change the question, why can't I and change the question to what if what is possible? What if this? What if I can get two, six 6,000,006 and a half million in eight years? But because it is possible? Anybody can do it? And that's insane. That's insanely crazy. So another good question is how can I? And who can I? How can I don't ask don't say that? You can't do something you ask how can I do that? That's Kiyosaki language, right? And then who can I that's been Hardy and Dan Sullivan, who do I need to find to help me get there and I've had a lot of who's so starting with Terry and just growing from there and to go abundance. I'm going to go bonus since 2018. And I've been trying to get Tarion since then, and he's just kind of sat back. I'm just gonna watch and see what happens. And he's just seeing the success and the environment that we're surrounded with. And so he just joined Go button. It's a few months ago, about six months ago. So as a result of seeing my net worth since joining Googliness has tripled just since 2008. crap man. Yeah, it's so wild because it's never It's so hard to quantify. So hard to quantify. Because Jamie, I just did an episode with Jamie. And he talks about, it's like you spent 500 Art brains work like this. I spent $500 I get TV, I spent $10,000. I get caught. So it's this for that, that for this. So very difficult to this part. One of my things I do now is I have calls people and if you're interested, go buttons, like, there's a link in the show description where you can go click the link, and I'll literally have a conversation with you about it. And we'll put it on the calendar. And it's hard to quantify because you're like, oh, yeah, $10,000 and you get connected with all this. Some people are like, Wait, what are you talking about? And I'm like, No, man, you need to understand this is this is the freakin show. Because you did. I your last couple of deals were a direct result, aren't they? From your relationships? Yeah. So I tell people like do just by getting in this room is crazy. Your net worth is going to increase just by being in this room with these people. And that's what I've seen. So yeah, to speak to the deal. So we just had that 56 unit apartment complex. So Ryan Bowden who's go bonus member connected me with his buddy Blake Miller, who is in Lake Charles now didn't even know Blake. So here's Ryan out of abundance connecting me with somebody in my own hometown that Oh, no, he said, Hey, he's got a 56 unit apartment complex he may be looking to sell. So I ended up ended up talking with him, brought him in as a partner. And then I brought in Cody Caswell, who's another go bonus member, and he's a general contractor brought him in to do the renovation. So this was like a full go abundance organic deal. And at the end of this, we're just going to get we're right now we're looking at we'll have eight to 900,000 equity each at the end of this deal. So we bought it and renovate it will be all in for about 2.7 million. And it's going to appraise for 4.7 to 5 million after repair. So we'll be 50% loan to value on this deal. And with financing, you didn't even really put anything down. No, we did 100% financing. So I use my bank relationship, local bank. Oh, look another who? Yep, there you go another who. So I structure that deal to where we put up 20%. But then we were able to pull back our cash within the first two weeks 100% finance and that deal right now. And it's going to be a fantastic deal. Great asset was built in 2002. I got hit by the hurricane fully gutted. So we're going to renovate this thing. It's going to be a brand new apartment complex, nice three story brick apartment complex. And another thing I want to share another story. So we got hit by two hurricanes in 2020, category five, and then six weeks later, we got hit by Category Two. I had 127 coins on my rental properties. It was a nightmare, man. And here's I just want to speak to the tribe and who and what go Ben goes on it stands for so we didn't have power. We didn't have electricity in our city for 30 days. No, no water, no electricity for 30 days, man. It was chaos. And Lindsay McCarthy, Mike McCarthy Lindsey connected to my wife Mike connected with me said hey, we're at our house in Colorado, our house in Austin is available if you guys need it. So we took them up on their offer. We went stayed at the McCarthy's house for over 30 days during this time. And it was such a huge blessing man, because everything in me wanted to run back and help out. It was disaster here man. It was like a third world country. And I want everything anyone to come back and just help. But I looked at that as this is like kind of you step on a hand pile and you see the ants running around. They're going crazy, or they're in reactive mode, right? So they're not really doing anything. They're just running around with their heads cut off. So that's what I saw me as running into this as some of those ants just run around but not really being productive. So by being at Mike's house, being away from all of this, I was I remember I was I got pictures. I've got Mike's whiteboard, I'm drawing all over. I'm strategizing. I use that time, the first seven days at a very clear head man. And I reached out I said who has public adjusters that could help me with this claim? And I told him we just had 127 rental properties got destroyed but half of my residents moved out. So I reached out to the Go bonus group and had several people connected me with their public adjusters ended up using the public adjuster that Andrew Cushman had been using. He could he connected me with Anthony Anthony came down we were expecting whenever I walked out our properties because I came back for a day to do an assessment. Whenever I walked out our properties, I was expecting a two to two and a half million dollar claim to renovate these properties. And public adjuster came in and we got $5.3 million off of that claim. So here's another who connecting in with a tribe. So you Whenever. So I was staying at the McCarthy's house got connected through Cushman to this public adjuster and got double the claim size. And whenever I sat back and really reflected on this, and that was all directly from go bonnets, and I'm just so blessed and so grateful to be a part of this trial man. And from that day on, was whenever I started sounding the horn, I'm like, all of my friends, everybody who I know that needs to be in this group. I'm like, dude, let's go. And I think I've got 10 different guys and go abundance since that day. Oh, yeah, brother. Oh, man. It's funny. Y'all just did your Louisiana. You just did your little Louisiana tribe. And I was like, I was like, Man, I know. All y'all need to get I need to get close to my Atlanta guys. I was like, Sorry, dude. Basically, I'm in Louisiana, go, bro, this point. Come on down, brother. Okay, some gumbo, give you some boot and give you some king cake. We got a man crawfish. You don't tell me twice. But um, as we finished, as we finished here to be conscious of time, I would maybe ask. And we can go into further interviews down the road about I'm very interested in how you vertically integrate all of your companies and all of your different entities to where it's like construction, you have your holding company, and you have all these different bits and pieces that are operating in one line together. But as we finish up, I really wanted to ask because you're so deeply involved with the platinum partners, right? Tony Robbins, what what are some biggest takeaways that you've had from him as we finish up, and maybe because you've had a lot more personal interaction with him a lot more closer interaction with him and his team than most people would, because you're a Platinum Partner. Maybe spend this last 10 minutes or so going into some of the big life lessons, the biggest takeaways that you've had from him from the last couple of years, because I've been able to meet you on the tail end of all of this. And you're so introspective, and I can publicly thank you now because now you're the reason that I went to UPW You're the reason I went to my first Tony Robbins event because we're me in your truck. Truck in Colorado. And you said hey, man, got VIP passes. Did y'all got discount? Take them. And then I was just drunk I was I'm buying me my girlfriend, one. Maybe share a couple of takeaways that you've had from him that you think people can really take and run with that are listening to this. Yeah, man. That was that was one of my favorite events, because we have so much fun. What do we have like 20 GoPros. At that event, man. So cool. We had our own little mastermind within that big event. Yeah, man, like I told you in the beginning, being aware of the programming, and he's got such a great way like scientifically to see how that stuff. I've been learning about that stuff for years now. But he has a methodology and like a science around this. So it's very cool to be able to see it from that perspective. But some of the biggest takeaways are really interesting. And it's not what you would think when you think Tony Robbins, you think in your face like breakthrough, like all this masculine energy. Yeah, so my biggest takeaways from being in platinum and being in proximity to Tony and sage is one man, my spiritual life has got so much deeper, and my faith and my relationship with God is so much deeper from from being in those events, he just creates this space to have this connection man and you gratitude is just so abundant. And I'm so grateful man for everything. And this is where I look at my life and my my history. And I'm so grateful for went through to become the man that I am today and still growing every single day. And then so besides from that my relationship with my wife, our marriage, man is just the best that it's ever been. And I attribute a lot of that to Tony. And we went through the relationship event. It was a six day event in Austin with Tony and state and sage. And, man, they just got real, they just open up. This was just platinum. So we had probably 300 Platinum partners in there with their wives. And we just got real deep man and I learned things about myself and I learned things about my wife that I never knew and vice versa with her and me and we've been together for 18 years now. So just really my focus this year is just pouring into my wife. I want to light her up every day man and my relationship with God. I want to get just as close as I can man because I look at that as like the Holy Order, by God, my wife and myself getting to know myself more and loving myself more loving God loving my wife and whenever those three are in line and man it just produces fruit all the way down into our children into our business. into our communities into our it's just a blessing how whenever you line those things up, everything else just flows. Yeah, man, that's I'll let you ask any questions that you want. But those are my biggest takeaways. I know that may be different than some other people. But that's what I that's been my most valuable takeaways from it. That's awesome. No, and that, I would venture to say that with financial success, the more that you have, the more ironically, I think if I think I'll preface this with if you're in the correct rooms with the correct people, the more financial success you have, the more you're able to focus on other areas of your life. Maybe not, maybe if you're very financially successful, but then you're hanging out with people, that's all they're talking about, maybe that won't be the case, because you're just thinking about money. But as you have financial access, what I've seen from you guys is you're all able to open up and look at all your different areas of life, because now you're not as running around as stressed. And pissed off and anxious. Like, like the anthill analogy that you use, where you're just running around running around to just react react mode, you're in proactive mode. And you realize it's we haven't even talked about your kids as much, because a lot of the times people also have their children, and their children just get moved to the front of the line. And they're like, I don't even I don't even it's not about me anymore. It's about my kids. But then the kids move out of the house. And they're like, Who the hell am I. So I like how you and Jess are going about it to where you're like, hey, like this is, like we need if we are focused in and we are centered, that will transfer to the kids. I love that. And it's relationships with guys like you and a lot of the other guys in the group that are gonna help me be a better father when that comes time. But a big thing that I had from Tony at UPW was he was talking about being in the peak state, peak state, that was the first time I've really heard about that. And that's waking up every single morning. And doing the routine doing the primary routine, I did a primary routine right before this. And I even like before all these interviews as I get physically, emotionally, spiritually problems so that we can be able to provide the best source and best content for you listening. But what I've realized is he talks about the priming, as Hey, life is gonna come at you either way, just because you do your morning routine does not mean that your day is going to be sunshine, flowers and roses. But when those problems arise, you'll be able to take them from a peak state to where you're coming from a place of gratitude, love, and joy. And you can think with a clear head instead of proactive versus reactive. And he said also, the universe tends to favor pouring into those that are open to receiving. So I view it almost like a giant tea were from the south. So I'd be like tea like a tea jug. And then you just have the lid closed. And as soon as you open it, universe just starts pouring in, I find the best that the best, most unexpected things happen whenever I wake up, and I'm in that peak state. And I'm like, this is how I'm going to operate my day. So that was my biggest takeaway. I do that every day. And that was a that was one of my another one of my takeaways as well, man, I had no like most of these conferences that we go to. We're just sitting there and listening passively. And he actually gets you actively involved get your body involved. Theology. Yeah, yeah. So I started, I started doing exercise and getting more into my body after going through it after realizing how important it is. And then also noticing my body like all the tension, and where we hold all of our stress, it usually is in the body. So the thoughts put it out there, but the body retains that so we need to be more aware of our body and check more into that about the kind of receiving and that abundance I heard you got this cup, and you try to fill this cup up and you get this 12 ounce cup, and then it overflows and then you try to go to a 16 ounce cup and it's still overflowing and then you go to this big gold 32 ounce, and then no matter what you do, this thing is just overflowing and you're you don't have the capacity, this vessel don't have the capacity to hold all of this abundance. And so what do you do, I heard like, you take that cup, and you cut the bottom off. And you allow this abundance to flow through you. And that's how you continue to receive this abundance. It's not you trying to hold all of this is by receiving and giving. Because when we give them we receive and you create this perpetual loop of abundance that is just pouring in you and whatever is poured into you, you flow that out to others and that's what I see and go one is we are always helping each other throwing down the rope and pull in the next man up while we're looking up to the Osborne's and all of those guys and they're pouring into us. So it just becomes this perpetual loop man of abundance. So we got it. We got it ourselves a sound bite. At the very end of the episode I was trying to think of which one of these looks like you're dropping so much so many bombs? I don't know what I'm gonna use the front of the episode. I think we just got it. Yeah, man. And another thing was talking about us personally. Another thing that I like to look at is we always go out, and we're trying to go out and discover we're trying to discover who we are. And so we're trying to get confirmation from all of the other people in our environments out there of we're trying to go out and discover who we are. But I found that oftentimes, it's not about discovery is more about uncovering who we are. So we already have all the power we already have all the abundance that's within us. And it's not about discovering it, it's about uncovering it so layer by layer and that's what I've been doing is just shedding off of these layers, becoming my truest and authentic self and uncovering who are already I love that nother and then as we wrap up another way that's phrase to is my coach Jason Drees. He talks about is what makes a hot air balloon flies Is it the flame is it the flame being captured in the balloon? Not necessarily what makes it flies drop in the sandbags hmm you cut them sandbags off one by one cut the weight off dead weight start rising. But flogger love. Love that man. But as we finish up here, man Where Where can people find Jeff personally and then professionally for people that maybe want to invest with? You want to see what you're doing with the different companies? Yeah, man. So I'm not really out there to where I got this funnel where you go to and you could get to me so I would say that the best place to reach me is go vinous man so join me and go bonus I would love to see you at an event you could talk to me live and in person. I don't do a bunch of social media. I have a Facebook and Instagram account so you can find me DJ sadboy sad. Oh, why? Nothing on Instagram? No, I don't do anything on there. Follow on Instagram is full. Yeah, I haven't. I haven't been on Instagram in probably like a few months. But I am on there. So now the best place to find me is really and go bananas. Man. That's that's where all of my best friends are at. That's where we talk about these discussions and get into the deep stuff. And other than that, I will say Facebook, but I'm not that active on Facebook. I like getting real man I like talking with people about I like going deep man. And I don't like the surface level stuff. So that's where you can find me. I love it. You can find these at your local Tony Robbins event. You love it, brother. Thank you. Thank you so much, man, thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being you. Thank you for the impact that you've had on my life. Thank you for the impact that you're having on the life of the person and the people listening to this today. It was as good as I anticipated being I was feeling called like, Alright, I got to talk to DJ. And man we freakin talked. So I just want to share some gratitude for you to man like I've seen what you've been doing. I just seen you along the way. I just you're very inspiring, man. So you just got this persistence about you where you just like a bulldog. You just keep on showing up. But you do it in a way that is very polished and passionate. So it's like, you keep on showing up and I think open up the hearts of the people around you, man and you just get in there and I kind of like this dude, man. And the more I hang out with you, the more I like you, man. So just appreciate you and who you are as a human man. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Keep on being curious. Keep on driving, man. Keep on learning. Keep on connecting with these great people, man. Keep it up, bro. Appreciate it, and then I'll be over there with you and champions here. sooner than later. Welcome home, baby. We got worried about it one bit. It's gonna roll. It's gonna happen. Appreciate you my friend. This is Brian Luebben and DJ Savoy signing out. Thank you, brother. You've been listening to the action Academy podcast helping you to choose what you want with who you want. When you want. You've been given the gift of freedom. Don't turn your back on that. We hope you've enjoyed the show. And we hope you've gotten some practical and useful information make sure to like rate and review the show. We'll be back soon. But in the meantime, hook up with us on social media. Remember financial independence is freedom. The flag the freedom fly