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Feb. 22, 2022

The Power Of Likability w/ Chris Ryan

The Power Of Likability w/ Chris Ryan
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From leading high power groups such as TIGER21 and Gobundance to becoming Tennis partners with Richard Branson - there are few that understand the power of community and environment more than Chris Ryan.

Chris not only knows how to get into big rooms, but how to CREATE them - through managing multiple entrepreneurial groups and doing huge things with huge people for decades now.
Chris is now CEO of Gobundance  and partner in R360 - a Global Family office for individuals net worth 100 M+. Throughout all of this though, Chris has the power to make every person feel seen, heard, valued, and significant - which is one of our topics on today's show.

Today Learn How To:

  • Lead with GIVING
  • Lean towards SIGNIFICANCE in your Life
  • Add Value at massive scale
  • Be "Likable"
  • Communicate to develop strong relationships rapidly

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