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May 26, 2023

The Importance Of Defining Your Destination To Avoid Burnout, Depression, and Stress

The Importance Of Defining Your Destination To Avoid Burnout, Depression, and Stress

Today's episode features me as a guest on "Keep What You Earn" with Shannon Weinstein

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Speaker 1: What's up guys? It's Brian. I wanted to post this short excerpt from a podcast I was recently just on called keep what you earn by Shannon Weinstein. Shannon has become a really good friend of mine really quickly And she has some fantastic questions on her show that I really enjoyed. So I wanted to post this quick excerpt that discusses how to avoid burnout along your journey, how to clearly define your end destination so that you don't end up stressed out, pissed off, burnt out, depressed and hopefully not divorced. So I'll let you guys get to it. Here is me on keep what you earn.

Speaker 2: What prompted you to go all the way to travel the world? Because there's like corporate America, start a business, There's an in between there. Most people would probably go wow, that's really that's bold to just get up and go travel the world. What was the motivation to do that? Did you feel any sense of like if not now, when, or that you just really wanted to get out of the environment you were in? What drove it?

Speaker 1: Yeah, so great question. Most people flip flop the order in which things should be done, all right. So a lot of people that listen to this podcast and listen to my podcast, listen to any business entrepreneurship podcast all they talk about are the vehicles, right. So it's like we're all like in this entrepreneurial car dealership, call it, and you look around and you've got index funds, airbnb, multi-family commercial, investing, real estate, buying businesses, starting businesses, online, business media all these different options of making money and providing you what's called passive income. We all understand this because we listen to this podcast And we all focus so much on these vehicles and so much on the process of car shopping that we don't actually decide where we're taking the car. So what that ends up in is we're driving down this freaking endless highway down the desert and we look up one day and we say how long have we been driving for? And it's like days, months, years, and you've been mashing the gas for years And now, all of a sudden, your car is starting to break down and your freaking smoke is coming up out the engine And you look over and your family is not there, right? And so what is this car breaking down? look like Divorce, sickness, cancer, depression, anxiety, because we've been redlining our entire lives and we have no idea where the hell we're going. So, to answer your question, i began with the end in mind and then I figured all the business part and business stuff out to get there. And I think that's the fastest way for anybody to get whatever they want is to clearly define what the hell they want.

Speaker 1: So I was sitting in my cubicle and I came to that realization before I bought the real estate, before I did anything, and I said whoa, i was like I don't want to be that guy.

Speaker 1: What would I do if I had $100 million in my bank account? If anything was possible, if I could do anything in my life, what would I do? And I started writing it out And I wrote out in five years I would just wake up in the morning and I would go out on my terrace and I'd have that infinity pool in Mykonos, greece, and I would see the sun rising across the Greek Ocean, and then I would have no calls in the morning but in the afternoon I was working on my business. I could do anywhere in the world and I had this idea before any of this existed And so I printed out the stuff, i did the vision board stuff, i put it on my phone as the lock screen and I was like I'm going to figure this out. How much would this cost? And I, mind you, i hadn't ever traveled outside the country at this point.

Speaker 2: Wow.

Speaker 1: Yeah. So that's where I began and I was like how much would this cost and how much would it cost to replace my job? And the answer was about $20,000 a month and I was like, okay, now how do we work this backwards? Let's do this business thing, let's do this investing thing and figure out how to actually financially fulfill my dream life. And if people would do that and they have an idea of where they're heading towards the universe and everything works in a really weird way, that gets you where you want to go And we'll get into the tactics. Guys, don't log off now. We're not all going to be a woo. We're going to dive into the nuts and bolts, don't worry.

Speaker 2: But I love the analogy of defining your destination in the form of that vehicle, because what a lot of people are doing is hustling to nowhere. In particular, They're building a business for what. They're investing in real estate for what? Because they think it's cool, it's trendy, it makes me money. But what is the goal? Because I've actually seen this a lot with my clients and business owners who come to me and they'll say I'll say what's your goal And they're like $2 million in revenue, I'll go. Why?

Speaker 1: Exactly.

Speaker 2: And because I just feel like that's what I should accomplish. But why What?

Speaker 1: are you going to do?

Speaker 2: What are you going to do with that? What does that mean for you? that you're able to do with that money, or that means what for your profit and that means what for your life, and they haven't defined that yet. So I love that you approach it with the end in mind first and say what is the destination, and that's figure out the right vehicle to get us there.

Speaker 1: Yeah, and I think a lot of people get nervous about setting this GPS right Because they feel like I don't know what my life's going to be in a couple of years. I don't know if I'm going to be a completely different person. Right now I'm 28 years old. I created this vision Spoiler alert, guys. I knocked out the vision in 1.5 years not five, but I did the thing And me setting my next three-year vision. I may have kids at that point.

Speaker 1: Things change, but it's cool to have a destination. You can always make pit stops along the way, but it's good to be aiming towards something, because what's important is for everyone that's in the audience listening. If you're in your W2 job right now or you're beginning your business right now, it's better to have pole motivation as opposed to push motivation. So you want to run towards something, not away from something. If you have a lot of animosity and FU in your system, i hate my job, i hate my boss, i hate my life, i hate my body, i hate my spouse And that's all you think about. I need to get away, i need to change, i need to escape. That's what your current reality is. But if instead, you're thinking about, this is what my new life is about to look like. I'm going to be stress-free, care-free, healthy, happy and financially abundant, and that's all you're thinking about, man. you're going to be effing whistling to work while you're thinking about. You guys have no idea where I'm about to go, but I'm heading there. It completely changes everything.

Speaker 2: Yeah, and adding to that too, the way you show up in the business too, because if you're just desperate to get out, you'll take any work for any money. You'll start resenting clients, resenting the work, because it's just the vehicle to get you out. It's not the vehicle to get you where you want to go. And that's the that I learned very quickly And that's also why I didn't quit my full-time job until I had a very sustainable business that I could support, that could support me, i should say. And that way I was never taking clients that I wasn't in alignment with. I was never taking clients for the sake of the money, because I said my mortgage is paid.

Speaker 2: I get to choose completely who I work with and what I do in this business and to set the tone so that when I do cut that court now, i have the right environment around me to build that business. That was so crucial. But I'm seeing so many people again motivated by the push as opposed to the pull, and I want to get into, ryan, what we talk about. Like you and I were talking about this building a business off of passion, right, which should be the pull right In theory. But what is the? how do you define building a business on passion and your advice around that? because I'm hearing all this conflicting advice and even I've always said don't build a business on passion alone.

Speaker 1: Passion doesn't pay the bills.

Speaker 2: Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 1: Yeah, you're like oh my God, i love, i'm such a foodie Like I want to make a food blog. Okay, let's back up, let's back it up. I've got a mortgage to pay, so yeah, what's cool about all of this is have you read Four Hour Workweek.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Okay. So a lot of people that are listening to this podcast have read Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. If you haven't, i recommend it. I'm going to want to quit your job traveling around the world next week, cool. So here's the kicker. We're 20 years past that book.

Speaker 1: We've been talking about passive income and financial freedom for a while now. Here's the reality of the situation. Anybody that's listening to this podcast within three years, even if you're starting from zero, i think you can hit financial freedom from scratch in three years with the right team, right effort, right people and right actions. And so you're not that far away from everything you've ever wanted. So what happens on the flip side of that? What happens when you have financial freedom, when your passive income does cover your bills, when you are out of that job? I can tell you what happens because I have that perspective.

Speaker 1: I did the thing. I was in Mekinos for a month, i was in Greece for a month and then I went to Barcelona. I went all around Europe. What happens after three weeks in Greece is you go to the beach, you take the pictures, you drink the sangria, you drink the wine, couple espresso martinis, because they're for the boys now. And two weeks, three weeks later, your son Burton hung over and you're saying what do I do? all day You have this void, because here's the irony and the giant catch 22 that nobody talks about. Winners win, and when a winner stops winning, they're not a winner anymore. And then, when that happens, your identity completely disintegrates and now you have no ego, no self-esteem.

Speaker 1: So the answer, the end destination for most people but I believe personally what I talk about in my content all the time is the goal is not retirement. The goal is to be able to do what you want when you want with who you want, and choose to work on what you want when you want with who you want. So what does that work look like? What passionate work can we do? where we both are in our zone of genius, we're fired up by it because we got fulfillment and it's making a crap ton of money. Right, that's the formula. So I'm telling people over and over again how do we figure out the Japanese call it your ick a guy What's the intersection of what the market needs, what you're really good at and what you love? Let's create this Venn diagram of success and then attack that thing, because then when you're building something. That's the end destination. All these people in Japan and Italy that are 90, 100 years old, they're still working in their family restaurant that they've been running for like 80 years right, that's the end destination.

Speaker 1: So I just want to get everyone that's listened to this podcast so freaking much passive income that they're not in that big four accounting firm, they're not working that HVAC job, they're not working that corporate job And instead they're like holy shit, i love candles, i'm financially free, i'm going to go start a candle making company because I want to, and then that's when your business actually has legs to go. Hey, real quick. If you're still listening to today's episode, i'm assuming you got value from it, So I need your help. Specifically, my two year vision with this show is to help over a million people do what they want when they want, with who they want, and I can only do that with your help.

Speaker 1: There are two main ways that a podcast grows. One is through ratings and reviews, and the other is word of mouth. If you could please leave me a five star rating and a review on Apple podcasts and Spotify, as well as send this to one or two friends that you think would get value from it, we can reach the people that we're looking to reach. Thanks in advance. See you tomorrow.