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Sept. 23, 2022

The Changes You Need To Make to Get To $10,000,000 + Net Worth w/ Daniel Del Real (REPLAY)

The Changes You Need To Make to Get To $10,000,000 + Net Worth w/ Daniel Del Real (REPLAY)

You can get to one million by yourself, but eventually that game needs to be changed to move to the next level. Today we talk about the tactics and mindset shifts that are required to move to the next level.

Daniel Del Real has 43 lines of passive income, the 4th largest real estate team in the state of California, and a great head of hair!

Daniel has been "Financially Free" for 9 years now - with 7 figures in annual passive income.
Although he doesn't "have to" work now, he wants to continue to build and grow his life so that others can be in it and succeed as well.

Daniel also hosts our Gobundance call "728" which helps entrepreneurs learn how to scale their net worth from 1 million to 10+. Daniel goes over key takeaways from these calls in this episode.

In today's episode Learn :

  • Difference between types of knowledge
  • how to best scale cash flow 
  • How to kill and birth new versions of yourself
  • Differences between 7 figure and 8 figure entrepreneurs

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