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Feb. 17, 2022

Self Storage and Self Discovery w/ Mark Mcguire

Self Storage and Self Discovery w/ Mark Mcguire

Mark Mcguire is a real estate investor and partner in Hearthfire Holdings - a Self Storage Syndication Fund. Mark began his career as a musician but realized tour life was no longer for him as the band began to break up. Shortly after he became a licensed Realtor and began his investing career in single family homes.

Follow Mark's journey to his first million in his early 30's, joining Gobundance, meeting Sergio, and then jumping into the world of Self Storage where he's now an equity partner in a fund!

In today's show learn:

  • why invest in self storage
  • how syndications work
  • how to know when to take a break
  • how to integrate life and work
  • the power of mastermind groups

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