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May 30, 2022

REGRETS: The Two Major Types and How to Avoid Them

REGRETS: The Two Major Types and How to Avoid Them

There was a survey on "Regret" conducted with thousands of people that listed what their regrets where and what categories they fell under. Here were the results.....

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What's up. What's up. Welcome back, or welcome to another episode of the action academy podcast. I'm your host as always Brian Lubin, bringing you the mindsets, the. And the actual steps for you to earn freedom in your life of business.

Today, it is 2:

00 AM in Boston, Massachusetts, where I currently am. And I am recording today's episode for Monday to release in. The reason I tell you about all of this stuff is because there are times that this is difficult, and I understand that as I'm traveling. This will become increasingly difficult. But what I have increasingly also realized is that it is worth it. So I will always be committed to providing you guys the most value that I possibly can.

And I will do that at 2:

00 AM on a Saturday morning in Boston, Massachusetts, if I have to. So let's kick off today's topic with a super fun word. Regret is the one word that unifies all of us as humans, because it's the one thing that no matter what culture, no matter what background you come from, all of us are actively seeking to eliminate as much regret in our lives as possible. So you could say that success in life is being able to come to the end of your life and say, Hey, I did things my way. Some things went, right? Some things went wrong, but I did them the way that I wanted it. And I have no regrets. That's what we all aim for. That's what we all strive for. So today we are talking about the two major types of regrets, what they look like, how to avoid them. These two types of regrets are from Daniel Pink's book, the power of rugged. How looking backward moves as forward. So Daniel is coming on the show later this year and him and I will go in depth about the rest of the topics of the books and about how regret is actually powerful in the force for good, technically, because it's such a strong motivator and driver in our behaviors. But today we are only going to focus on the two different types of regrets. Those are the regrets of things that we've done in the past. And also the regressive things that we haven't. In the past. So let's get into the first type, right? The first type of regret is things that we've done, obviously self-explanatory Hey, I shouldn't have yelled at my mom. I shouldn't have dated that person. I shouldn't have taken that job, but I knew it wasn't the one for me, all these things that we did that were stupid, we realized in the moment that we shouldn't have done it, but we did them anyways. These are just regrets of things that a normal regret is what this would be. Essentially. The second type of regret is. In my opinion, much more powerful because this is the regret of, Hey, I should have told her, I loved her. Hey, I should have dated this person . Hey, I should have followed my passion. I should have went for it. I should have started that business. I should have talked to my family before it was too late and they were going. These types of regrets. And I know that you listening to this are familiar with both of these. So Daniel and his team do a survey in a study of thousands of people and the answer, all these questions about different types of regrets, what they are, what they're categorized as, and they compile all this data on thousands of people. And the results were actually very shocking to me when I read them. But then now looking at it in hindsight, they're not shocking at all. So here's what they found. People in their first 30 years of life, when they serve them, they said that most of the regrets were from things that they had done, that they shouldn't have done mistakes, that they had made people that they had dated jobs, that they had taken, that they hated all of these things that they've done, that they wished they wouldn't have done. This is the main type of regret that seemed to be prevalent top of mind for people that were 30 and under, as soon as you go past that age range and that demographic. All the people that were 30 and above over whelming only stated all of their regrets in the category of things that they wish they would have done, but didn't do. This is insanely powerful. So I hope you're able to take this information today and run almost an audit on yourself and where you're at in your life. Where are you killing it? Where are some areas that we can eliminate future regrets? You know, where are some areas that we can make sure when we are on our death bed, that we don't go back and see. Um, I wish I would have done this. I wish I would have gone. Here. I wish I would have talked to this person. I wish I would have done this in that these are the topics that people don't really talk about that much, but I definitely think that these are as important as investment strategies, as mindset tricks as business philosophies. This is the bread and butter because at the end of the day, I don't care if you're worth a hundred million dollars or a hundred dollars. The person that makes it to the end of their life with the fewest regrets on their scorecard is the winner. So did they go out there, be bold, be brave, be daring, dare, greatly realize that failure is an inevitable certainty. That's going to happen regardless if you shoot for the sky or you don't, it's going to happen, you're going to fail. So don't be afraid of it. Embrace it like a friend and go out there and shoot your damn. Do what you want to do if you fail that's okay. At least you will not have the regret of not trying. So. This is what led me to create this action academy podcast. I said, Hey, you know, if nobody listens, that's okay. At least I tried. So this is what we're doing. This is why I'm about to go travel the world, leave all the things that I have found comfortable in easy, and my W2 job, which I was making good money yet. I left all of this because now I said, if I get to the end of my life and I didn't take this trip, I could not live with that. But if I take the trip, everything crashes and burns, I go freaking bankrupt. While I'm at the trip who cares, bro? We will rebuild back better and stronger than ever. So I am actively trying to be knocking those regrets off of my scorecard. So I will leave you all with that. This has been Brian with the action academy podcast signing off.