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March 31, 2022

Profitable Passions: How to Build Businesses That Fire You Up w/ Dirk Van Reenen

Profitable Passions: How to Build Businesses That Fire You Up w/ Dirk Van Reenen
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It's not only a good idea to follow your passions and authentic self - it's also profitable as well!

Dirk Van Reenen went from being an Auctioneer, to a Realtor, to a Team Lead, to a Business Owner, and finally to a ranch in Texas!

Dirk began his first "full" career in Real Estate and had massive levels of success.
He quickly realized though that the suit and tie life wasn't for him, which lead to the formation of BERGFLOW, his consulting company. As BERGFLOW blew up he realized he could extend his passions even further, which he did! This was accomplished in the form of buying a ranch in texas and converting it to a full on offroading adventure park.

Learn today how to do the following:
-Pivot Fast and efficiently
-Realize your authentic self
-Leave jobs the right way
-Organize an org chart
-profit from passion



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