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Dec. 8, 2021

Performance Hacks - Daily Routines for Peak Vitality, Health, and Wealth | Jake Havron

Performance Hacks - Daily Routines for Peak Vitality, Health, and Wealth | Jake Havron
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"If you're a millionaire who's out of shape, stressed and unhealthy, you're not a millionaire. You're out of shape, stressed, and unhealthy!"

Today's episode features Jake Havron, a Personal Health and Success Coach who helps people do massive things in their business while simultaneously maintaining their health and wellbeing. Today learn how to apply small changes in your daily habits to increase success, productivity, and health while lowering stress levels.

Starting his career as a Nurse, Jake Havron started to feel torn down treating patients for avoidable, life-threatening illnesses, only to have them return a few months later with the same problem. He later learned that it didn’t matter what strategy he implemented as that is only 20 percent of success. The other 80 percent is the mindset and psychology. So now, as a health and success coach, Jake focuses his message on busy entrepreneurs, teaching them how to build the best habits so they can obtain their dream body while also building their dream life.

Jake teaches the three keys to success people need to know to increase their vitality, build their confidence and raise them to their peak performance. He speaks with a simple understanding of how people’s minds and bodies work and incorporates intelligent thinking that opens doors to making positive changes in their lifestyles.

Whether Jake is working with small business owners, Fortune 500 CEOs, or speakers for Tony Robbins, his goal is to show entrepreneurs how they can obtain and sustain their goals even with a busy and high-performance lifestyle.

Outline of the Episode:

[00:40] A brief description of Jake

[06:26] Started in the healthcare industry and pivoted to the business world

[10:08] How morning routines help make every day a productive one

[19:08] The intentionality in every thought resonates in the actions

[23:30] Harness the reticular activating system within to drive someone towards well-being

[26:29] Ask the “what,” “why,” and “when” questions

[32:36] Understand the past to create a better future






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321 Jake Havron, my brother, what's going on? Let's go. I'm excited to be here. Man, it's so good to have you on. It was a really cool impromptu way of meeting to kind of lead to this on the phone with one of my buddies in one of my like little mastermind pods. And then this dude Jake just chimes in, while I was in the car with him, and just starts dropping bombs and dropping knowledge. I'm like, Who is this guy? Because Ivan's not this smart? Shout out, man, I love you. I'm kidding. But man, I was like, Who is this guy's like, that's my coach, Jake. And then me and you started talking? And I was like, Okay, done deal. I need to have you on here. We need to have a conversation, we need to blow some minds. And here we are my friend. There we are. Brother. That's, that's the beauty of life right there. You never know how you're going to make a connection. And, you know, just hearing your story before this about you're getting into circles. Maybe other people feel like they don't, you know, even belong, and you're putting yourself in there. You know, I just wanted to put my myself in your little circle of your guys's conversation, you know, and I want to just give a little value, you know, support? That's, that's a question I live by my life is how could I always provide massive value? And here we are today because of that? Yeah, I think that's exactly what the topic today is going to be is adding value to everyone listening to this adding as much value possible as we can be you. Jake is a out? Yeah, I'll tell you what, man, I will attempt to describe you because you're about like 30,000 different things. And then I'm gonna let you take off and completely correct me if I go off base. So I believe if you correct me if I'm wrong, you are a nurse. And now you went into like a health and fitness training coaching Avenue. And then you went into a business entrepreneurship Avenue. And now you just seem more like more. So a general life health wealth coach, just like completely all around is that kind of hit the nail on the head, you hit it on the head, man. And, you know, a lot of people say that. They're jack of all trades and master of none. And I hope that's not me here. But what it is, though, is that it's an ever expanding growth of my own journey, but also the journey of supporting others, you know, and I did start off as a nurse. It's funny, because you know, people look at you, who you are today. And they don't know what your story is, right? We all have our different stories, and they see me and if you've never met me or whatnot, I'm a little bit on the taller side and more on the fitter side. And they think that I've always been that way. But I was actually the chubby white kid growing up in Maui, Hawaii. So if you want to talk about, you know, standing out being in Hawaii grown up being five, eight and 180 pounds and a little chunky. It really, it was really a tough beginning for me because I didn't know what my confidence wasn't health. It was seventh grade, I was out of shape. I was playing a lot of basketball, but I wasn't losing the weight. And I actually had this epiphany, this breakthrough before I even knew what a breakthrough was, right? It's when you look back at it. And I was like, I don't want to go into eighth grade, taking off my shirt and PE class and not having abs, right. So I actually went home during the summer. And I searched up all these different p90x workouts. I was on YouTube before it was even popular and really blowing up and I was finding all these banned workouts and eating edamame out of my beat out of my ears because like edamame and beans were like the thing back then for losing weight. And I lost and I lost 40 pounds over the summer dude in three months. And that wasn't the start of my health journey because I found confidence I came to school and people were like, couldn't recognize you. Oh my gosh, Jake, you look amazing. And it just really ingrain that confidence. But then when it took it to the next level deeper was when I had friends asking me dude, like, how did you do that? Like tell me I want to get arms like you all these things that they're saying back in eighth grade. And I started to find that confidence in helping other people in their health. So I went fast forward got a full scholarship to play basketball in North Dakota. So if you want to talk about the contrast of life here, Brian, and maybe whoever's listening in right now you've experienced contrast in your own life. I went from the beautiful beaches of sunny Hawaii to the frigid lands in North Dakota. So shout out to my Midwest people. I will be saying hi to you from afar because I probably won't be visiting North Dakota anytime soon. But um, you know, I got a full scholarship there to play basketball and get a nursing degree. And from there, dude, it just it was where I had a point in my life where I wanted to serve people, but I just wasn't sure what the vehicle was. I actually wanted to become an exercise physiologist because I loved working with athletes, but I knew Nursing was the better job, right? We were told, right? This is how you kind of get conformed, we were told that you should do this, because of this, you should, you should go to this job because you can make more money, more security. I'm like, I don't know any better. So I went that way. And that's kind of the relation of like when you go into mentorship, and I know you have a lot of entrepreneurs on here listening, and if you are an entrepreneur, or someone that's getting into that, that's why it's so important to not just find a mentor or coach or someone that's gone through the process, but find the right one. Because at that time, my mom and my sister were my mentor, my coach telling me to go be a nurse. But it had all the blessing in its way. It's just I found out that nursing wasn't my route. So I graduated as a nurse. And that's where I fast forward into chasing my own passions, which was, you know, hopping on this journey of fitness. And, you know, long story short, went into business coaching, and here I am today, so, yeah, whoo, man, what a story. I know, like so many people that would love to leave Hawaii to go to North Dakota. The list are too long, man, for people to line up on that flight. I'll tell you, they have to actually delay the flights, because so many people want to go to North Dakota. Why? Yeah, well, we'll go ahead and get added to the shortlist there. But man, I love I love cutting your trajectory and how it started. I feel like it's almost destined for your coaching and your professional trajectory to be starting and centered as like the bedrock with health. Because I mentioned this on another podcast I just did. But I think it was Confucius or some old philosopher that said, like, a healthy man wants 900 things and a sick man wants one and that's healthy. Yeah, well, it doesn't matter how much money you have in your bank account, it doesn't matter what your net worth is. If you don't have your health, like, what is the wealth matter? You can't do anything. So can you talk a little bit about starting your journey in health and kind of how that transition into the business world and where you kind of took that pivot with your coaching and your career? Absolutely. I mean, it's as simple as the point is, like I was when I first started off as a personal trainer, and I went in as an independent contractor. So I had to learn everything myself. I had to I had no business skill. So I was actually on an interview earlier before this. And he asked me he's like, how did you get into business coaching, I was like, it was progression. It wasn't just a switch overnight, it was started off with me becoming a personal trainer. And the only experience I had was economics 101 Back in college, and I got a C minus in that because I didn't even care about business at that time, I was just becoming a nurse. But as I had to learn how to market myself and, and create packages and programs and be able to work with clients and over deliver, I started diving into podcasts, right, I started to learn that. And so as I started to work with more and more people do, I was having people that were coming in, especially in the nicer area of Maui, where they were making multiple, seven figures, they had the whole, you know, dream life as people would say, but these people would be coming in, they were out of shape. They were stressed, and they were unhealthy. And I don't care if you're a millionaire or a billionaire, or whatever in between. If you're out of shape, stress and unhealthy, you're not a millionaire, you're out of shape, you're stressed and you're unhealthy. The money, the success, it doesn't matter when you don't have your health because your health is the only thing that's going to last you and that's it's so spot on with what you just shared. So, you know, as we talk here today, Brian, what I don't, there might be a good amount of people listening to this that are in pretty good shape. But I hope that these two millimeter shifts that I bring, because I'm not about trying to get the really sick people into good health. I'm not, I'm about the people that are like sitting at the maybe 80% and above mark, or even at the 95% and above where it's those two little millimeter shifts that make the difference of you winning the gold in the Olympics, or you losing by point 02 seconds. And no one ever remembers your name again. Right? No one remembers who got second place to Usain Bolt. Exactly. Usain Bolt, had the two millimeter shifts that made him a winner, and he becomes legendary. So that's where I just realized that health is so important, because if you can, let's say hack your mind, where now you're performing an extra 30 minutes of deep work every single day, right? Just 30 minutes because you're doing a couple hacks, maybe we could talk about that here in a second. That will lead to you maybe doing an extra, you know, consultation call or an extra five reach outs to those listings, you know, and that starts to compound. Now you're actually seeing more results over time. Or if you're getting maybe 10 minutes more of deep sleep every night because of a few health hacks recreating that. Now you're waking up more refreshed. Now you're starting your day quicker and you're not you know, lagging yourself looking on your phone. Those Those are the two millimeter shifts that when people implement that, Brian, they start to see drastic, drastic changes in their life. And I love talking and working on that. Yeah, that sounds awesome. And it kind of goes back to like how you do one thing is how you do everything. So you're mentioning all these little bio hacks, all the stuff that I'm super interested into, which naturally will progress to morning routine. I have tried to do a morning routine, I want everyone to know, I'll try my hardest. I've texted y'all about it. We do texts where we try to hold each other accountable. I'm awful at it. But you know, I understand the miracle morning, and I understand and a Miracle Morning is a book by Hal Elrod, if any of you want to read that the science is there, it's proven that it literally works. It's exactly it's exactly the Jake's point right now, where he said that how you do one thing, how you start your day, especially the more stuff you do in the beginning of your day that is productive, that serves you on a mental, emotional, physical realm. It's going to carry on to the rest of your day. So can you hit a little bit on morning routines? What they are? What is yours maybe? And how even a podcast you're like me over here. That's kind of got it together. I can't get myself to do a morning routine. Jacob, how you said you said the science proves it works, right. But I want to add one more thing. Now everyone lean in a little as you listen to this. You know what's even more scientifically proven to work? It's the things you do consistently. Bow? And that's the difference maker on this. And I'm actually curious, Brian, this is something we could talk about is what makes it so difficult for you to follow. Or maybe you said you're awful at the morning routines. Why is that? Is it you just don't have enough time? Is it? You don't feel the difference? What is that for you? I think I don't have enough time. It's an excuse. That's the easiest excuse that most people kind of default to that's that's not true. Anytime somebody says they don't have time, whether it's for that action or for somebody. It's not true. It's just saying, Hey, you're not my priority right now. Absolutely. So that's not an excuse. You know, this isn't real, though. Like if you chose to not have time at that current moment, it's totally fine. Like, it's okay for you to say, Dude, I haven't chose to have enough time it is an hour long. You know, it is a whole thing. Like I know, that's the wrong answer to say technically. But if that's the reality of it, then it could be so what what is the reality of why it's being really tough for you. I guess I have not seen for myself, the tangible benefits of it. myself. I've seen it with virtually every single other person that has done it. For some reason. I'm still in the camp, just like everyone listening to this, that I am hitting that snooze button. And like I'm not waking up late. So waking up at like 7am. But then I kind of go get my shower, eat. And then it's basically in the work mode. So what advice can you give about the tangible benefits about actually getting a morning routine started in that how that transfers into your day? Yeah, appreciate first up being honest on that, because I'm sure there's you're not the only one that's felt that. And all I can ask and I'll ask this question right now is, how many of you listening right now would show up every day for an hour coaching call every single day, if after even the first week, you weren't noticing results? That's seven hours a week you're showing up? That's, that's 28 hours a month? And you're not noticing results? How much more are you going to want to show up for that call? Not much, you're probably going to want your refund, you're probably gonna want to, you know, cancel your schedule. And it's the same thing for the morning routine. And what I've realized, and what I've found, especially with everyone, including myself, is that everyone's morning routine is unique. Okay, and there's core principles you could follow in the morning routine. But, you know, you don't have to follow exactly what how Elrod shares, you don't have to follow exactly what I do. It's what works for your routine. And I'll tell you this, right now, if you're finding that an hour is a little too difficult, or you maybe not feeling the results or feels more strenuous. Cut it down to 15 minutes. Because if you don't have 15 minutes, then don't really have a life because you're going to be working for other people. If you can focus on your own self for 15 minutes in the morning and be able to find what works for you for 15 minutes, then there's some deeper issues down there that we have to really figure out how you can feel happy, or you just don't like serving your own life and you need to go serve someone else. But I know that's not you, Brian. So and also everyone else's excuse is that is the same thing. But I can guarantee you what everyone else is Do it and I'm guilty of it, people. I'm guilty, I will always be honest with everyone that's listening to this is you get up and then you hit that. MF and Instagram. You hit that Twitter real quick when you wake up. Yeah. And it doesn't serve you it just gives you a little dopamine hit and it's just completely pointless. Yeah, exactly. So one of the quickest ways that I you know, these are small little changes, right? You might be like, God, this sounds, you know, like I could learn this for anyone but it's about what you learn to apply right now is first off my my phone, I plug it in the charger completely away from my bed, it's not even on my bedside. Because I don't even want to put myself in a tempting state to look at my phone, I also put my phone on Do Not Disturb. It's on Do Not Disturb basically 24 hours a day, that means that you will still Yes, get phone calls. And yes, still texts come through. But you will not get a ding in a being in a zip and a zap every single 10 seconds. You do not need to be trained like a dog and be able to, you know, perk your ears up and lose your distraction work every time someone texts you. That's their demands on you, you have the choice to choose when you want to respond to them. Just because they're showing up in your inbox, your email inbox, your tax inbox does not mean that you have to just automatically get down and start, you know, praising them and saying what can I do for you? Right, that's their request. So I recommend plugging in your phone, turn on your, your alarm on your phone. But if you are afraid that you're not going to hear that I also have my call my insurance policy, I have one of those alarm clocks from the early 90s, the ones that are the most annoying sounding alarm clocks. But I don't wake up to that. Right. These are just little little hacks. And we could go in so much detail, I first start off with a nice alarm on my phone. And if I don't wake up to that within three to five minutes, in the nice sounding Yeah, people are turning down their volume right now because of how annoying that is. It's so true. But that's an insurance policy and people. So I wake up, I don't go on my phone yet I do my morning routine, one of the very first things you should do in your morning routine is brush your teeth. The reason why well besides making your bed, but the reason why is because before you drink water, before you do anything else, you got to get rid of you got to clean your oral hygiene, you have a lot of bacteria things in there that you don't want to know about sitting in there. If you drink water, it's all going down into your system. And that's maybe why you're getting a little more sick. That's why maybe you're having a little more inflammation in your body more bloating, just brush your teeth, you know, use a tongue scraper that really makes a difference. And this is where it gets really exciting here, this is just this, this is part of your morning routine. By the way, Brian, you don't need to always just be meditating and breath work like it's about creating habits. So that way, the simple ones from making your bed to then brushing your teeth to then going down to the kitchen and drinking 20 ounces of water. If I told you right now that you can burn more fat and start leaning up for the holidays by just drinking more water in the morning, wouldn't you be freaking excited? Because it's true. Yeah, you can burn up to 16% more calories. By just drinking 20 ounces of water in the morning, it has to be within like the first five to 10 minutes, what happens is your body has a thermogenic threshold. What basically means that when you drink 20 ounces, not 18 not 16 Just get to like a shaker cup or a bottle that you know that you can fill up to the top every time and just drink it. What it does is it causes your body's heat to turn up, which means it burns more calories. What a great way to start your day off by hydrating your brain, you're thinking better you have more energy already your gut is getting flushed out so that way you actually look leaner and not bloated, and you're burning more calories. We didn't even talk about breathwork we didn't even talk about visualization. We didn't even talk about all those other things. But Brian, I can guarantee that you and maybe the people listening here right now, if you're someone that's listening to this, if you could commit to not looking at your phone by putting it away, keeping it on airplane mode until you're done with your routine, going and making your bed brushing your teeth going straight down to the kitchen not looking at your phone yet go get water and then we could talk about the things after that I can guarantee you're going to have a much better morning and you're not going to be so frazzled worrying about what other people think and what other people are telling you and you know, maybe a fire happened in the business or maybe you know someone said something to you that you have to now deal with. You don't want to worry about that right now. Oh, that makes sense. Yeah. Because you're you're bringing your time back into yourself. And I love what Jake just had to say for everyone listening because that was all stuff that is isn't too too far out of the ordinary, it's just adding a little bit of intention into how you start your day. And then if you start your day with intention, it has a knack and a habit for leading into the lunchtime, and then all sudden, you still aren't at lunch with some intention. And then you've got some intention in the afternoon and in the evening, and it trickles and it's a trickle effect. And that's exactly what you're talking about. And to that point with intention, I want to talk about your intentionality between going from this avenue into the business room. Can you kind of talk about how you went from like, step one to step like 10 in that Avenue, and like some actionable stuff that you did to like, go into a completely different realm that you were unfamiliar with and get into different kinds of rooms? Like we were talking about before with people where you're like, Man, I have no idea how I'm in this room with these people. Yeah, so that's a great question. And there's a lot to this. And if you're driving, then keep driving. But if you're sitting down, or maybe you know, on your phone, I recommend like jotting down some notes because this right here might really be the game changer. When I went from in person training, when I maxed out my schedule, I couldn't train any more clients, I was kind of capped the my income, I started to raise the question, right, the quality of our life really comes down to quality questions. And you might have heard that 1000 times. But I'll say this right now, the more that you implement the questions internally, like how I say, you know, the question of how can I provide massive value in this moment, right now, you know, what can I serve or deliver? I do that before every single coaching call? I do that before every single podcast, I do a quick prayer, I set my intentions, you know, how could I bring more value in here? How can I step up as my best self so I allow other people to step up as theirs? That sets intentions for every single interaction. So maybe the first thing that if you're listening to this, and you're really resonating with this is asking, what is that question that you need in this current time that you can constantly put your mind towards? Right? Because I'm giving you guys the skills and the mechanics that no matter what industry, no matter what area of your life, you will succeed in, right? Because when you know, the mechanics, really the only hinderance is your psychology. So if I could help you with the mechanics, which is knowing Okay, I need to you know, before I get into this meeting, I should really set an intention for 15 seconds and, and literally sit on how can I provide massive value or, you know, just how can I bring the highest self, the highest purpose of myself, what that does, Brian is it literally foot puts your brain onto a new focus just like is if you heard a cougar, you know, or a lion down the road or break outside your house, and you just heard this, like, you know, roar of some sort, your brain will automatically focus to that sound in for the next 510 15, maybe even an hour, all you can think about is being in fear of am I gonna get eaten alive is a tiger was a car, I don't know, your focus went there. So imagine that same power, if you were able to start taking that focus before every single meeting every single time you get on a phone call, you're just setting a focus of like, How can I just show up as my absolute best self. Because what happens there is your brain has this thing, it's called an RA s is your reticular activating system. I am maybe what this is for people that maybe haven't heard of this, and you have everyone has is don't think that you're the odd one out, right? Everyone has these beautiful superpowers that they can take advantage of. And truly create what I call entrepreneur vitality, is you have this thing called the reticular activating system. And this is basically a filter for your life. It's like you know how like you have a coffee filter when you want to make your coffee and then basically separates the grounds and only lets the liquid gold come through. You know, because you don't want all the little gross stuff in there. This is the same thing. It filters 99% Of all the stimulation, all the noise, all the sensations that are happening constantly. Like you literally have your shirt touching your skin and you won't even feel it until I put awareness to it. Maybe now you feel the skin on your shirt on your skin or, you know, we don't even hear the pulse in our ear, because we have that happening, you know, 100 times a second or 100 times a minute. But if you really put focus to it, you can start hearing the pulse. Yeah, and even in an even better, like real world example. Like a practical one. It's like whenever I think back to when you were looking for a car and think back to when you were looking for a new car, you just bought a new car like I bought a white Camry, Toyota Camry, and then you all of a sudden it's like there's the same amount of those cameras that existed on the road before you bought that thing. But now that you bought it, you're looking around you see cameras everywhere. So what Jake's talking about is taking about this principle about When you set your intention, the reticular activating system starts firing off in whatever direction that you're thinking of. And that's where kind of like the power of positive thinking, that's where the meat and potatoes is. Because now you're thinking positive thoughts, and all of a sudden you start seeing positive things happen. Yeah. And that's what your focus is going. And so can you kind of talk about how you can harness your reticular activating system to like, really drive? Wherever someone's going in their health or wealth, their well being? Yeah, yeah, it's your you hit the nail on the head there. So now that you know what that is, let's take advantage of that. Because I don't it doesn't matter if you're just starting your business. Or you might be someone that's already doing multiple, six figures or seven figures, you're like, Jake, I'm pretty good. I don't need these things. I'll tell you, there's always another level. And if you feel a plateau in your life, it's because you're not progressing. So could you imagine if you started using these skills, and do more seven figure deals, because now you're focusing on finding bigger deals, and maybe more systemization? So how do you apply this? Well, step one is, like I said, you got to know those questions, to ask yourself before every single meeting, or opportunity, or even in your morning routine, it really comes down to three questions. Learn this from one of my good mentors, Jim quick, who's an expert in understanding your brain. And it comes down to the three questions of what, why, and when. So let's say for example, you're in the real estate sector, and you have these big goals for becoming the top Realtor in your industry or your area or you want to close a certain amount of deals. The three questions before maybe you go and head to the office, or before you get on your series of calls. And you just meditate on these you sit on it, you don't have to find an answer. But whenever you ask a question, your brain is programmed to find an answer. So it will naturally find that, okay, if you ask why am I so out of shape? And so and you ask a terrible question, and why can I not lose weight? Your brain will have a simple answer and said, because you're a fat slob, right? Or you you eat those Cheetos late at night, right? I'll give you these these terrible answers because you asked a poor question. But if you ask a more high quality question, as in, you know, what can I do today to be able to move forward towards my, my health goals? Oh, brain, your brain will then say, well, you can maybe go instead of sitting down for the next hour, go and walk around while you're on the phone. Or I hate relationship. I hate my relationship. How does my relationships suck? Why? Yeah, what can I do today? To show up as the best boyfriend or girlfriend? How can I show the best husband? How can I show up today is the best father. Yeah. So now you're finding all these different avenues? How can I find out how can I show up today is the best business owner. And now Now we're cooking was increase now Now we're cooking, man, Jake Havron spitting fire, keep going, brother. So these three questions, the what, why and when will be in relation to whatever your focus is on. So once again, let's say you're getting ready for a successful day in your office, being a realtor or let's say you're still going your nine to five, and you're ready to get out of it. Whatever it is the first question, you'll meditate and sit on for about 15 seconds, just play it through your head, like as an a repeat, say, What can I do today? To get one step closer to my financial goals? Or what can I do today to go above and beyond for other people and just sit on and say, You know what, what can happen here today to make more closes? And now your brain is going to start thinking about it and might not have an answer right away. But it'll be thinking about it throughout the entire day. Second question is the why. Right? The what is more tactical? We're getting really nitty gritty here, Brian, I hope you guys your people like this, the what is very tactical, the why is very emotional. Right? That's why one of the worst things you could do in life is go through the tyranny of why and asking, Why does my relationships suck? Why? Why did this happen to me? You know, why did I lose my job? If you ask the why question in the wrong way, you will go through an emotional spiral, because there's infinite answers for that. But if you can take advantage of the why question and say, Why is it so important for me to hit this goal? Why is it today, such an important reason that I need to reach out to these 10 people, maybe you've been struggling being on the phone, sit on that one that might be a little harder for men because men aren't usually as in tune with their emotional state. But I'll tell you, we all have an emotional reason why we do things. And if you could start to have your brains sit on that and be like, you know, what is those emotions? Well, why is it so important? Well, my family needs to start seeing me more. I'm working 12 hour days, 14 hour days, I have this goal, but if I don't hit that financial goal, I'm going to see my kid grow up before I can even see her You know, go and play her first soccer game that might make you work a little tougher and harder and more efficient. So you have the what, you have the why. And then you have the when you have the tactical, you have the emotional, and then you have the specific location and time. Because without any time or any specificity of goal is just a wish. But when you put specificity to it, which most times this is a you know, it's a rhetorical question because it's always now you know, when is now the best time to get started, you should ask the question, say, When can I start applying this, When can I start giving massive value to every single prospect even if they don't want to do business with me, your brain is going to say now, of course, now now now, and you instantly start to change your state, I'll tell you, if you apply that before you go to work, if you apply that before you go to bed, you know, when you know asking the questions before you go to bed, what can I do to create my dream life? You know, what can I do to constantly create more passive income streams? You know, why is this so important to me and you sit on that for less than a minute, you'll go to bed, you'll go to bed, have your brain think about that. And you'll wake up with new opportunities. That bombs, I hope that was I hope that was not too much, but just an average boy, Havron bombs , man, there we go. That's exactly what we're talking about. And I can even give you an example a practical example of my real life because I know my what my why my when. So my what is I want to be financially abundant on December 1 2023, on my 29th birthday, and I say financially abundant, because I want to be above financial independence, because it's like, my lifestyle isn't too too extravagant. So I can keep it like financial independence, I can probably hit before that. So I want to be enough to where I have enough money coming in passively each month. And we can disclose that number off camera, off the podcast, but it's big. We can we can perpetually invest the difference coming in. And we can still have a great savings right with it coming in. And then the why but then so I've got the what I've got the win. And the why is because I don't want to have to submit PTO requests anymore. When I'm 29, I want to be able to have this money coming in so that I can be the best and highest version of myself and every single hat that I wear, whether it be the best father, the best husband, the best friend, the best son, the best brother, the best, anything, because the best business owner, because then I'm not having to worry and stress about money anymore. And my time is completely my own. Because I grew up in a household in a family where that wasn't the case, Dad was stressed out, that didn't have time for me. So now my kids are not that's where it ends, my kids are going to be able to have that. So that's my why behind all of this. So maybe maybe you can share something practical in your own life to where this, you applied this. And then it came to fruition because I see it coming to fruition every single day. Yeah. And that's, first of all, it's beautiful. You shared that and I resonate completely with that I want to break the generational curse of my family to with bad health with being stuck in the cage and the hamster wheel of just work. I mean, my dad, you know, he's, he's one of the top, he's the manager of the top Costco in the world. I'm very grateful I didn't have a bad life. I was still humbled and I work for things. But one of the toughest things that I've experienced, is seeing my dad always come home, stressed, exhausted and pissed off because of what he had to deal with. And he had his mindset because he came from a pretty poor family where he's got to take care of his family. So he had the complete opposite of the pendulum swing, which is I need to do whatever it takes. I don't care if it kills me. That's kind of the question that are the things that he's running through his mind, I need to make sure my family is taken care of. And beyond Great. Go ahead. I don't want to cut you off. But I think something that you just said there is very, very, very important. And it's something that I haven't thought about until you just mentioned it and that kind of had like a little mental click for me. I feel like that's another fight. Another lens that you can do finances through is the fact of what your father went through what my father went through, where it's all the focus in please tell me when everyone's listening to this, please like send me a message. Let me know if this is resonating with you as well. Because I know a lot of lot of us have kids, I don't yet. But for my family it's the finances aren't to a point where they're sustained. So the entire focus of the mom in the focus of the dad is we got to go work to provide we got to work to provide for our family because then they're not going to survive and let's be provide. And then so what happens is the focus goes from, they can't even focus on themselves as a, as a mom, as a dad is on providing with their jobs for their children, that they can't take care of themselves and put the attention on themselves anymore and put the attention on the relationship anymore. Because they're so strapped that they're thinking, all I have to do is just work, work, work, work, work to get more for my family. Absolutely, you say that that's kind of spot on. That's what I've seen in my family. Absolutely. And I'm glad that clicked for you. And I'm sure that is this has to be clicking for other people. And this should be you know, we're not here to diagnose and to try to fix our family, our past, whatever it is, it's not what we're trying to do, what we're trying to do is understand why that happened in the past. So how we can start creating our future in a better way. So when we understand why our parents were like this, truly, they're like this, because they, at one point, have created a belief that their belief was they need to work long and hard. And this is the sacrifice to then create a better life for them, which, at a certain point, that is definitely great. I don't want to be living on the streets, right? Like, I'm grateful, they're worked hard. But with that, then that belief becomes more and more condition and enforced. And that's the only thing and then I have to continue to work more to provide more, there's no there's they don't believe these things have I can make money in other ways I can, you know, still be able to support my family not working so much. It's only one belief. And it's because they're so conditioned. So maybe, you know, if you're listening to this, right now start to think of what are some beliefs that you have that you've been conditioned to, like, you know, I, I, my belief is that I have to be trading time for money. Because that was one of my personal beliefs is that when I was transitioning from being a personal trainer to online, or even having that idea, go through my head at that time, my belief was, there's no way people will pay me even more money, when I am not in there, right face to face with them. They're not showing up to see me. And everything is just virtual. I had this belief that if I let that be so conditioned and enforced, Brian, I wouldn't be here today. Because that would have hindered me and kept me as a personal trainer. There might be some of you right now that are crushing it in your job or profession. But maybe you're it's time to expand. You know, this is where I love working with people is love helping them build a leadership team or expand their mindset. So they could see how they can now trade their time in their wisdom, more than their hands on labor. Right, we're not in a time anymore, Brian, and this is I'm just kind of going off in a different tangents, I really feel like I really feel called to talk about this. We're not in a time anymore, where we're in the lack of information. Information is everywhere. That was long ago, and we are in the golden age of information, we're actually drowning in information now. What we're really lacking is wisdom. And I can tell you this right now, if you have this belief that your wisdom is not valuable, then that is definitely hindering to you because people pay others millions of dollars, literally for them in their short time of wisdom to make the little shifts, people pay me money. So I could bring wisdom into their businesses to make maybe a small shift that maybe they've known, they didn't know, it's not a completely different flip of their business. It's a small little two millimeter shift, that will then increase their profits drastically or lower their bottom line, but give way more customer service value. That is what people pay for nowadays. And if I kept that belief that I cannot still create a result for someone halfway across the world in their body, I would still be trading time for money. So going back to what you're sharing with why our parents work that way is that it's all comes down to beliefs. And leaving this call I would I would highly suggest every single person to really get internal and shine a light on what are your quote unquote, we heard that hear this buzzword all the time. What are your limiting beliefs? What do you find being the excuse on why you're not taking that next level? The big leap as we call it? You know, what is that upper limit that you're trying to go but every time you go you're hitting your head on the roof and it hurts and you step back down and you stay in your comfort zone. But if you just you know dip far enough down, you get enough energy to you and you fully swing your arms up and jump through and you put all your effort to it and do it right you will break through that glass and get through another level. That's where the people here today I hope really just resonates on what is holding you back what belief what story you're telling yourself, because I don't care if you're making seven figures plus a year. You're probably made to make eight figures. God has probably called you or whatever you believe in I believe in my faith in God. And I know that he's calling me for a greater mission. I could be comfortable right now Brian, and say, You know what, I'm, I'm going, I'm coming. You know, I'm not, I'm not just surviving. You know, I'm living a decent life, I get to travel the world. But I know I'm called for so much greater. So don't limit yourself saying, Well, Jake, you know what? My family's good. You know, my business is going well. I can almost guarantee it. If that's happening right now, you probably have another level. Because you didn't come this far. to only come this far. Can I get an amen on that? You didn't come this far. Brother. Come on. So that's my, that's my spiel on beliefs, man, and this could all seem woowoo to you, if you're listening. This could all seem crazy and out there. And this doesn't relate to you. But I did at one point believe that I was like, this is just all mindset stuff. And dude, I need to act cool strategies. But I'll tell you this right now. 80% of all your success, all the things that happen in your life in psychology. 20% is mechanics. And we have we like I've got this odd theory that we've got one life to live. So I'd rather just go try and fail beautifully. Like I like to use the phrase like failing beautifully. I'd rather go try fail beautifully at 20 different things. 30 different things. 50 different things, to at least say that I tried everything, like you're not going to go to the food court at the mall, and then just stick by the major chicken, you know, how do you know, they go run by the Chick fil A baby? No, check some other stuff out. And then you try some other stuff. And you're like, wow, like I would not eat actually different food and not manner and chicken every time I'm not so bloated and feel tired. And you know, like, feel like I'm gonna go and you know, pass out, you're like, wow, there's actually better food out there. I just I'll leave that to Jake to bring it back to health. And he just don't do it. Let's go. Well, Brother, I absolutely appreciate the absolute heck out of you, man. And I want to be conscious of your time here cuz I know you got another call coming up. So thank you for dropping bombs today. Thank you for coming on, we definitely need to do another episode where we can go even more into detail about different specific avenues and different areas and different gardens of life. But I think that today was a great, great crash course into really nitty gritty, actionable tips that people can do. And please let us know. If you're listening to this, like, shoot us a message me or Jake have run by please let us know what different things that you implemented and what you liked about it, because I'm going to start doing everything that Jake just said. And I would we would love to be able to hear from you. So on that note, Jake, where can people find you? And if they're curious and interested in knowing about working with you, as a coach for their personal life in their business? Where can they reach out? Yeah, appreciate you. First off for having me on here. We definitely should do some more I like to call masterclasses you're gonna sit down. I know, this was kind of like a firehose, all over the place. But we could get very specific and I feel like your your people in here would love that. But yeah, if you did find value and you you had something that you resonate with, and you want to share that or you have further questions, or just want to get connected, the best way to do that is on Instagram. So at Jake Havron shoot me a message, you know, I'm not the type of guy that says, Oh, I'm too cool to respond to messages, dude, I love connecting with people, especially when it's coming from, you know, places like yours, Brian, where these are listeners that obviously growth minded, they want more, they want to do more, be more like, succeed and more. So shoot me a message, I'd love to get connected with you. Obviously, you can find a lot of inspirational content on my page. And all I can say is that I'll leave you guys with this. If you just take one thing, life is not about trying to take notes on every single word that someone says and applying it all. Life is about taking those notes, and then applying even just one thing that's going to shift your life. We know success leaves clues you we know that I'm able to provide you in some way some specific value just as Brian provides you guys value in other ways. But if you could take one thing from what I shared, whether it's the the asking the what, why when questions whether it's you know, starting your morning routine, whether it's understanding what your beliefs are, you will start to see a drastic change in your life. And I can guarantee that and I'd love to support you further on that. So shoot me a message shoot Brian a message and I'm sure we'll be back here soon. Isn't that right, Brian? Yes, sir. That's at Jake Havron. At Jake Havron. JAKE. h a v as in vitality. ron. That's the Brian Luebben and Jake V for vitality. For the action Academy podcast. Thank you, everyone.