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Nov. 17, 2021

Millionaire Mindset - How to Accomplish the "Impossible" and Beyond | Jason Drees

Millionaire Mindset - How to Accomplish the

Jason Drees is a Performance / Human Optimization Coach with over a decade of experience in helping people accomplish "Impossible" Goals. I can list dozens of personal examples of people where Jason has 10x'ed their incomes, businesses, net worth, and life.....and I am a client myself as well. Jason's specialty is helping you unlock your potential and accomplish goals that aren't set based on past experience, but by what's actually possible! Learn from the same coaching he gives his 7-8 figure clients in this episode today.
His new book "Do the Impossible" is available in Target and BiggerPockets for preorder Feb 22.

Topics of today's show:

-How to find Alignment
-How to set and achieve "Impossible Goals"
-How to go to your next
-How to reframe your opinions of yourself
-How to 10x your income

Jason's Website:
Instagram: @jasondreescoaching @actionacademypodcast

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Welcome to the action Academy podcast. Stand back while I celebrate freedom, the show where we help you achieve financial independence with the mindset methods and actionable steps from guests who've already earned their freedom, the freedom to choose to do what you want, what you want with who you want with who you want, when you want when you want with another episode today. Now, here's your host, Brian Luebben. What's up? What's up? Welcome back to another episode of the action Academy. I'm your host, Brian Luebben, bringing you the mindsets, methodologies and actionable steps to help you achieve your freedom baby. And who am I getting this from? Authors, bad asses, business owners, multimillionaires, people that have been there, done that got the t shirt baby. Let's go. Today's guest is a perfect embodiment of all of that and actually going to be a brand new author, Jason Drees. Mr. Drees is a performance coach performance and human optimization coach based in Austin, Texas, a lot of you probably wondering, you know, what's the life coach? What's a performance coach? And the answer to that, in his words, is someone that helps you get what you want in life quicker. So he helps people and his moniker is that he helps people accomplish impossible goals quicker than they ever could have believed. And I can absolutely attest to this because I actually use them myself. I'm a client. And I first heard of him through the BiggerPockets community. He is actually the one that coaches Brandon Turner, who's the host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, and he took him from single family rentals to now a eight figure mobile home and multifamily portfolio. And also, I can rattle off dozens of other examples of where Jason has literally before my eyes transformed people's lives, and costs 10 of their income tax of their business and tenants have them as a person throughout every single asset and garden of their life. So today, I would recommend going through the podcast listening to it, pausing and rewinding out parts to go back because sometimes he's gonna say exactly what you need to hear and you need to take it a couple of times to digest it. I've listened to the show myself a couple of times, and I'm still kind of processing it, and it gets more and more meaningful each time. So if you like the show, please leave us a rating and review on iTunes, screenshot it, share it on Instagram, very greatly appreciated. Give us a follow and without any further ado, Mr. Jason Drees. All right, Mr. Jason Drea. Yes, my friend. I'm doing fantastic. How are you Brian? Man I cannot complain one bit you want to share a little bit about what you just learned from our conversation off? She apparently my book is you can buy it at Target now. So I guess I have made it a target book all three people. I'm not gonna say another thing. I'm not gonna go put an intro for Mr. Jason Drees here. Just know that he's gonna book and target so why target Yeah, while you get others buying some candles and buying all the other stuff that you don't need? You do need is the freakin book. So James. Thank you. Yeah, while you're getting some some Haagen Dazs ice cream and a new shower curtain, pick up the book. So Jason, tell us a little bit. So we just talked about where we want to go with this. But tell tell the people like, if you were to introduce yourself, like to someone in the elevator, what would you even introduce yourself as I would say I'm a performance coach. And I help people go from point A to point B. And what I really do, I guess I should update that because that's what I usually say coaching is going from point A to point B, but what I really do is I help people hit impossible targets. Hmm, okay, that's, that's very interesting. So yeah. What's the difference for you from what you've seen through all your, like 1000s hours of conversations? What's really the difference between impossible quote unquote, impossible? Well, most people don't, I would say probably 90% 95% of the clients I've worked with are setting targets too low. Most people set their targets their future targets based on their past, instead of what's possible. And so a lot of times, we end up setting goals that really aren't at our full potential. So an impossible target is a target that we just literally don't think we can do. But what it really is, it's impossible targets are generally intuitively created. They're like, it's like a gut instinct. It's like intuition. It's like your your voice inside of you screaming at When you listen to that voice, you can start to do a possible thanks. That's what I found. That that's wild. Because that's how I feel in full full disclosure for everyone listening is this man right here? I have actually hired him. Professional disclaimer, professional disclosure, I've hired him as one of my coaches. And it is. It's been fantastic. But yeah, my one of my conversations with your team that I have is, What is the difference and kind of distinguishing between? Okay, I've got mental programming here about unrealistic, like, like you just said, impossible, like, Is my mindset too small? Or where do you find the differentiator between your mindset just being too small? And it is possible to be an unrealistic, actually? Or is there even a differentiator is that even a thing? What is unrealistic, unrealistic is a definition. It's a label. And possible as a label, like UK, if a person makes $100,000 a year, they may call making a million dollars a year impossible, or a billion dollars a year, but it's not impossible, it's just a different target. Hmm, wow. That's gonna be just bombs like this. out the gate. Yeah. And I kind of want to kind of set the stage here for people in general. And couplet, like the kind of social climate that we're looking at in America and across the world. So we're coming out of a global pandemic, people's goals, people's ideas of what they wanted to accomplish, some have absolutely Tenex those goals, some of them have taken 10 steps backwards. So between the two people, the similarity that I see is that there is a lot of confusion, there's a lot of clouds in the sky while they're flying. And there's a lot of misalignment with what they're actually trying to go for, and what they can actually do. So in all of this, that's why I think these conversations are even more important. And coaching is more important than ever, to kind of achieve that sense of clarity. So what would you say to a person that has never even heard of coaching that has never even thought or considered the possibility of, oh, I'm not at a quote unquote, high enough level? To hire a performance coach? What would you say to that person about how, like you or anybody else can actually change their life? Well, the first thing I would ask him is like, are you getting everything you want in your life and business? And if they say, No, I would ask them, would you like to get it faster? And because, because if you're not getting what you want, you're not in alignment with getting what you want. A lot, a lot of methodologies are on coaching force action that's out of alignment. And an action doesn't create Results Act, action doesn't create results, action doesn't create success, alignment with success creates success, alignment with the result creates the result. So it doesn't matter. If you're, you're just starting out, or you make a billion dollars a year, there's always a higher frequency, a higher mindset to go to because there's never a limit to how much we can grow. Okay, so this is the action Academy. This is that that's what we preach. That's the moniker action, action action. I would agree with you on that point to where if you're driving a car 100 miles an hour, but you're going the wrong direction. What are you accomplishing there? Yeah, talk a little bit about finding alignment, because that's something that myself and I think most of your clients, and most of the world is kind of dealing with this even finding alignment? Yeah, well, you absolutely have to take action, right. But you hit the target when you take aligned action. So action is important. I lived that way for a decade, if not more, where I chased action and action and action, I actually went to work for Tony Robbins, because I figured out if I learned to work like him, I could actually become successful. And I didn't become successful until I stopped working that way. Because action is just doesn't like the way life you get the result when you're in alignment with the result. And the difference is, is the action you're taking feeling that isn't naturally inspired action. Do you have inspiration? Do you have natural motivation? Do you have excitement that's aligned action, or do you wake up and you fight procrastination and you're battling resistance, that's, that's forced action. The first thing you could do is just is really understand where you're forcing yourself because force, if you're using force to move forward, that's a sign of misalignment, and there's no amount of action you can take out of alignment and hit the target. It'll never happen. Hmm. Okay. So I feel like you just kind of summarized myself and 90% of the population there. could live from that goes from everything from your day job, what you're doing waking up. David Goggins kind of has that all all Turn it philosophy where he's like, he's like, I don't care what you don't want to do or don't want to do, just do by just get up and do it. But that's kind of his philosophy. So what would you what is something that you could tell for somebody that's actually they want, they understand what you're saying they get it, and they want to put action in the right direction. But what does that even look like? For them that's in the nine to five that they don't even like they're trying to escape. They're in the process of escaping it with through investing, saving, but they're like, on the on the journey, but they're not there. How can they align themselves with the action today? Well, with David Goggins, I would argue that he's in alignment, you know, he starts, when he decides, I'm going to climb a stair climber, the height of Mount Everest, before he steps on there, he's already decided he's gonna fit hit the result. So he is talking about forced QA holding yourself to a standard of action, but he's also in alignment when he does it. Right. And for someone who is working their butt off, working to get ahead, not making enough money, not seeing the results of what you're doing, the first thing you want to do is stop what you're doing and take a look at what you're doing. Because once you start to understand how life works, you'll send a start to understand how success works. And and what I teach most people isn't as much about coaching strategies, it's really about understanding of how life works, so you can work with it. Because I tried forcing life for years and years and years and years and years, and I hit a brick wall and everything stopped. And I gave up because nothing was working. And it was after I gave up that everything started flowing. And this was in 2000, middle of 2019. And after I figured that out, ever since that moment, in the middle of 2019, I've been really analyzing what just happened because I gave it everything I could to from waking up at 5am cold showers in the morning eating dog food, like an hour of incantations a day, I was a not a complete nut, and then none of it worked. And when I had mediocre results, and then when I quit, all of a sudden, I had more success than I ever had before. And I just could not understand what just happened. And the past two and a half years has been me dissecting that process. And getting in alignment with it and, and what I've come to understand is that most people are chasing other people's dreams. They're they're doing what they're socially conditioned to do, instead of following what they really want to do. And when you're following someone else's model of success, you're never going to create success that way. Like, like if you actually ask, if you look at podcasts or interviews when they interview successful people. They ask him, How did you create success. And I'm gonna I'm gonna summarize the majority of of those podcasts or interviews, and most of them say I created success. They talked about their habits. I woke up at 4am, I listened to David Goggins, I took a cold shower, and I never went to bed without doing my five action items, or my three steps for tomorrow, they had some pattern of action, right. But they don't actually know how they created success. They only know their acts, the habits they took. And what I've uncovered, is how you work with life. So that success happens automatically. Hmm, so talk a little bit, let's let's dive on that a little bit about specifically life and success and how they actually work? Because I've got it, I've got a general understanding. I really want to hear your perspective on this. And yeah, I talked to Matt about it on a Freo. And he was talking about when he's had conversations about almost like the ice versus water philosophy, where he's like, I don't want to be rigid. I want to I know where I'm going. And I know who's on the path with me. I don't know how I'm going to get there. Because that would be too rigid. Deals flow through me like water life, those flows through me like water. Can you talk a little bit about that in taking the rigidity out of life? And kind of how to let everything flow through you to that point? Well, that's Jimmy to talk about. Well, I don't know Matt's concept of fluidity versus water. That's like following the process of life. But the basic, the if I talked about framing, that'll kind of give a better foundation first. Sure. Does that does that work? Okay, so, so and this will give you kind of an understanding. So let's imagine I'm drawing on a piece of paper and right here is a small circle, okay. And this circle we call action. Okay, this circles is action. And that's where we spend most of our time, what do I have to do? What action do I need to take? And because as human beings, we know that at the end of the day, it's an action we take that will generate the result. So we spend the most of our time focused on action and the strategies we should take. But what happens when the action you're you're taking is not working, or you don't know what to do, right? So imagine there's a circle here that has action. Now there's a bigger circle around that action. mindset. You the level of mindset you're operating from, determines the actions and strategy determines the strategies and actions are capable of thinking of Like when you learn a new subject or a new job, you're a brand new person. And after 10 years of experience, you see things much differently. Because your mindset is evolved over 10 years. So you have a higher level mindset, you can see higher level strategies. But what most people the way human brains work, and where most coaching models and Tony Robbins model and other models work is they basically say, I know, because I work there, they got mindset, your mindset needs to be in alignment with the target. And when your mindset is aligning with a target, then you'll create the Align strategy. So most people, their mindset is in alignment. So they're not hitting the right strategy, and they're not hitting the target. And then they're using coaches to force misaligned action. And they're not getting the result that way. Like, for example, and I discovered that there's another circle around mindset. So you have action, you have mindset, and you have another circle around it, I discovered the other circle around it last year. And when I did, it changed my life and on all my clients, because that's where you really start to shape reality. Because you and I know and everyone listening has had experiences where life responds to us, right? We've had life is going our way. And we've had time where life isn't going our way. And we don't know what it is. And sometimes we knock on wood. And sometimes we get superstitious, but because we don't know how life responds to us, but the thing is, life responds to you based on the frequency of you. Now, what does that mean? Like your body like mine is made of atoms. So your energy, I know, it's hard to believe that this isn't solid under a microscope, but it's solid atoms, right? So your body is energy. But that doesn't make sense. Like life responds based on the frequency which does, right. So and certain people have discovered that and they do patterns to get themselves on the alignment and things like that. And, you know, but you're basically a giant magnet, and I'm a giant magnet to and and I don't like to use the word law of attraction, because when you hear law of attraction, I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna go aligned with a million dollars. And I'm going to sit under a tree with my handout and wait for it. What when most people don't understand that there are components to the process of life. When you get an aligned with life, you start to operate in a thinking pattern. Because Have you noticed that thoughts are kind of like a radio station, you can have good thoughts, or bad thoughts you can have like, so your thoughts are based on your frequency. So when you're in the right frequency, you generate the right thoughts, you take the right action, at the same time, you get naturally inspired motivation and action, when you're excited to do it. And there are times when you know exactly what to do boom, right? Like when you know exactly what to do, you'll hit the target. So what I spend my time doing is helping people aim at amazing targets and getting them to the alignment level where they automatically know what to do. So that's really the game we're playing. So if we go back to my model, action here, mindset here, and I was a Tony Robbins coach, when I was a Tony Robbins coach, we would talk action and mindset and I and I talked to a new real estate investor. And I'd say what do you want? They're like, I want to leave my day job. Well, why do you wanna leave your day job because I hate my boss, and I want to do that. Okay, so how do you leave your day job? Okay, I need $10,000 in passive income. Okay, did you read Brandon Turner's books? Yes, I need $100 A door. So how many doors you need 100 doors. Okay. So today, we could talk about getting you 100 doors. And there's that process of going from here to the 100 doors. And you ask him like now it's like, okay, well, I could get two doors today. And I get four doors next year. And I could do probably get 100 doors in like four to six years, right? That's probably the plan. But we also know it's possible to get one deal in the next three months that generates $10,000 in passive income. Now, we don't know what it is, it may not be easy, it may not be likely. But it's not impossible. When you start to align yourself with targets like that, you start to think differently, right? So that's so that you don't get stuck in this like playing small games like everyone else does. So you go action, you go mindset. And most of the time, I was gonna tell you a reference there, but I forgot. So I'll throw it in now. So traditional coaching models focus on mindset and action, what is the perspective you're operating from, and the perspective you're operating from creates aligned or misaligned actions. And I had this experience, and I've had this experience numerous times, I've coached two different people. Both of them had limited financial mindsets, both of them had limited financial points of view. And both of them were not making as much money as they could be. I'd coached both of them the exact same way around their frame, I'm sorry, not their frame around their mindset and action, exact same coaching. And over the next 90 days, one will start making more money and one woman. And for the longest time for years and years and years, I never figured out why that was and I didn't figure that out last year until I discovered what a frame was. So what actually happens is your frame, big circle here is you is the frequency of you. Your frequency of you determines If life gives you good things or bad things is how life responds to. Your frame creates your thought pattern, which creates your level of mindset, which creates an aligned or misaligned action. The one client who started making more money when I shifted their mindset, it actually shifted their frame. When the other client who didn't start making more money when I shifted their mindset it did not shift their frame They're so rigid. The frame the frame rigid or not, it remained misaligned, misaligned. So that the easiest way to get an understanding of what your frame is your frame is your expectations. So that's the easy your default expectations. So you change your expectations and get in alignment with it and stuff happens because the frame basically puts you in the frequency of the person who will have the result. So you will have the right mindset and you'll generate the right thoughts. So it all it all comes back down. So I love what you're saying. And I saw that you didn't want to go into the the whole law of attraction moniker because you didn't want you to be specifically taught that. Because it's like that. That's a chapter in the book. Yeah, this chapter talking about, but it's not the entire book. It's all about the mindset. It's about all this, you were talking about levels of mindset. And I've heard Brandon Turner, who's one of your clients from bigger pockets, talk about mindset levels. And from like a level one to a level 10 Level One person asked, Hey, how can I make to your to your example. And that cut deep Jason, they say that out loud. And then that's not even me that he was talking to you personally. But uh, it was me that he was the same thing. I didn't realize how basic and vanilla I'm being so maybe I'm I level one month set. So to your point level, one mindset would be like, Okay, I want $10,000 A month, how do I have like, how do I get that? And then like a door, and then maybe a level 10? Mindset is, okay, how do I get a small multifamily maybe a 10 unit? And then maybe level 15 months? It would be okay. You know, I'm new, but how do I go about getting this apartment complex? Just to put it into the confines of real estate? Can you talk about the process of going from level one to each different level, and maybe the friction associated with that, because I feel like myself and a lot of others dealing with that friction, where your, your level keeps wanting to pull you back down. But you want to break through that ceiling, but it keeps pulling you back down? Does that make sense? I understand the perspective you're talking about. So there is the frame you're operating in, which creates the mindset you're operating in. So if you keep getting pulled down, it's because you're trying to force action from a mindset point of view, and you're not shifting your frame. So let's talk about that. It's about frameworks. Because there there's your versions of my like versions of mindset mindset is like, basically how you view things. Now some things come from experience, right? Part of part of elevating your mindset is experience, Brandon Turner may have version 500 mindset. So he's kicking out version 500 strategies, and you've got version one or version 10 people trying to run a version 500 strategy on a version 10 mindset, it won't work. That's why mentoring alone is not enough. Coaching helps integrate it with you. But basically, the thing that's the difference between your current level of mindset and the next level of mindset, whatever that number is, is literally your beliefs, your expectations, your frame around that specific subject. And most people are limited by their past references and their social conditioning, about how life works and what they're supposed to focus on. What I really do with clients, as I get them blank and open, because in the next moment, anything can happen next. Instead of we're looking backwards to go forward, that's where people get stuck. Yeah, but I used to I used to, when I first understood how to shift a belief, I would go in here, and I would shift the mindset, belief or belief at a time and I'd be like, Well, why can't you make more money? Well, I'm not worth it. Okay, let's talk your change your belief about worth. Okay, well, well, what why can't you make more money? Well, if I have more, there's less for other people. Let's change that belief. Well, why can't you have more money? If I have more money? My family won't love me. Okay, well, why can't you have more money? Because every time I tried before it failed, okay, so you can I've actually, the evolution of my process coaching process was going after the beliefs that were causing the misalignment. And I would do them one at a time to get it into alignment. But what I discovered later, is that once you understand how to shift frame, everything else aligns automatically in a second. Because what we think is, action creates reality. But actually, your reality creates your action. Boom, trees, bomb, trees, bomb, trees bomb. So we don't have so we don't have to dig and dig and dig. So let me show you how to do a frameshift. Okay, can you get a sense of a version of you in the future? Who is making twice the money you are now? Absolutely. Can you get a sense of the version of you? That's making 10 times the money you're making now? Yes. Can you get a sense of the future version future version of you who understands exactly what I'm talking about? Yes, I could you get a sense of the future version of you. Who knows exactly what I'm talking about and could give a lecture on it? Yes. Okay. Now hold your awareness on that. For like 10 seconds, okay got it? How do you feel now? I feel a lot. Yes, yeah, it happens like this. So let me give you another example. Because I understand the questions are asking. And I can't really answer those because I'm past that. And I wanted to show you the fastest way versus go into the weeds, right? So frameshifting happens just like that. So for example, you this is you, this is me today, okay? It's the most it's the most we've ever been. Tomorrow, you and I will be more than we were today, we got one more day under the belt, right? The day after, that will be even more, right. That's kind of the concept of, of you as a being and the energy you've created in life. Now life goes like this. And as you go up the scale in life, you grow higher and higher frequencies right? Now there. So if this is this is the set point of today, this is you ever have a time where you remember something from 10 years ago, and you're like, damn, I was a dick then and you like go back down to here. And like you have that old experience. And you're like, Ah, so literally, in that moment, your focus was brought to the past. And in that past moment, you literally went through the entire experience of it, you were it was like you were there, you felt the emotions, you felt the experience of it, all of it, you were like there, and you probably didn't know how to neutralize it and resolve it. So you just waited to get out of it. And it probably come up again, what I'm showing you how to do with frameshifting is move upward, before where you are. So here's the kicker. Every time these things come here, come up. That's because that's the next thing you need to integrate for your frequency to go higher. So imagine what your past experience you're talking about having that integrated? What do you mean by that? Integrate, like, for example, that old memory of you being in self judgment, or you being mean, or you have an action or regret, carries negative emotion around it? Judgment, self judgment, regret, anger, something like that. That is part of your collective energy, and you're not able to go at the higher level until you integrate that I think the simplest way to think about it is you're a hot air balloon, right? We think the hot air balloon goes higher by holding on the flame. But it doesn't the hot air goes higher when we drop the sandbags. So as you go as you're moving up, it's really a game. It's a game of dropping sandbags. So you're saying that people are spending all of their time and energy and effort into becoming into adding in tell me if I'm completely off base here. So people are spending all their time myself included. Effort energy on you know, adding X, Y, Z skill, adding all these new mindsets, new training, new coaches, new books, everything, when the reality of the situation is the potential and the possibility with them them all along. And all they need to do is remove those sandbags of limiting beliefs, previous experiences and previous mindsets. And then by default, they're just going to start rising. Yep. Whoo. Oh, yeah. So it's so much easier. It's so much easier and so much fun. Like I grew my business 10x last year, and this year, we're almost at 3x over last year, two and a half. So what I went for, I went, I went from one employee to 30 and 12 months. Oh, I know, trust me. It's so easy. It's so much easier. But it's like it's so contradictory. And I'd love to call it Jason's process, but it's not mine. I didn't create life. Like this is how life works. So what are some of the sandbags that you see collectively? I'm sure you see patterns throughout most people? What are some of the main sandbags that you see that people can start chopping that that string today? Well, the big ones, the big ones, or the big ones around money? Big money, right is because you're gonna be you're gonna operate in the same financial frequency you were raised in. So unless you do something differently, you're gonna make what your parents made, right? That's the big one. Money Money is one of the most loaded ones, I can actually chart my business and financial, my business success to my financial mindset. My Financial mindset, my business didn't start being successful until my financial mindset was open enough for it too. So money is one team, working with resources is a big thing. Because making money like it's easy, you know, a little bit of effort, you can make 100 grand, right? Making 250 is hard to making 250k is the hardest thing I've ever done. Because if you're working for somebody else, you either got to be a badass in sales, or you got to be an executive and I could never play quarterback game. So I was never going to be an executive. So getting a 250 is hard. But once you get the 250 you go to 500 like that, when you go to fight, but going from 500 to a million is the game of leverage. So a lot of mid level entrepreneurs. They're big. They're big Achilles is beliefs around team and leverage and stuff like that. So leverage, so it's like money, leverage. And the big one that handicaps everybody is self worth. self worth self acceptance, that's the biggest one 100% How so self worth So is that something in the context of they don't believe they're worthy until XYZ? Chief? Do you? Well, yeah, that's how we're conditioned to believe, right? You can't be happy or successful until you achieve something. But how do you do you? Do you love your past? Or do you have regrets or self judgment? I have regrets of my past. But it's like, I still appreciate the different parts of the journey, because they collectively created who I am today. That that that's fantastic. And there is also a perspective above that. Hit me, you know that? Well, I also have the sense there's, I have what's called the seven levels of mindset alignment. But some people are literally in reaction to the past, right. But you know, you said, I appreciate the past, I have regrets. But I understand the path, the path I took to get here is what brought me here, and life is good. So why should I hate it? Right? Because I like it. But the thing, the next level above that is that your path had to be your path. And there's no other path. It happened the only way I could. So and the other thing is, there's no good or bad. There's no good or bad. There's no right or wrong. Because if there was right or wrong, there would be a book, we could look into a resource, but there isn't. But even the books who say they what's right and wrong can't even agree with each other. Right? That what's right or wrong, is what's right for you. Right, it's way for you. Because everything is understandable. It's at some perspective, everything makes sense. Even obscene violence and stuff like that makes sense as a certain perspective, right? Because it's all souls going through a journey of process, right? So it's that self judgment is the Achilles, right? So if you're driving for success as hard as you can, but you don't like yourself, or you have resistance to yourself, or you haven't accepted the past, or you have pain for the past, that's part of your frequency. Like self acceptance, and self lack self alignment is a massive accelerator of success. And most people like me, work their ass off and worried about that later. I'll worry about the happiness and success later. But life didn't let me so I had to get in alignment. But it's usually but I don't have judgment anymore. I don't have self judgment. I don't have regrets about my past. So I just focus on moving forward. That's a big thing I want to hit on because that's kind of a recurring theme that I see. And that's something that I want to hit on specifically for this podcast because I'm younger, and a lot of people that in our circles and especially go button it's like very, like really, really view like time as the ultimate currency. And then like Phil even has the love is spelt. Love is spelled T i me. So you just talked about pursuit, like the constant constant pursuit of your goal, but you're working your ass off, but you're not allowing yourself to be happy. You had a little bit about that, and how that view was flawed. And even though it was part of your past? Like, what advice can you give to someone that's got their head down right now. And they've got that sandbag that's just dragging on? What can you give to them? Around self worth? Is that in context to where they think that they are not allowed to be happy until later? Well, I would say Where did you hear that? Right? And because that perspective is socially conditioned, we're socially. It's one of our big challenges is, is battling our social conditioning. We were conditioned by the media, we're conditioned by our schoolmates. We're conditioned by our family. And we're taught in this world, this society in Western society that if you want to be happy, you have to have stuff and every nothing matters, but success and stuff. That's what we're taught. But that's not what creates happiness. One, one thing that's actually going to help people get into alignment faster is alignment with yourself, because how could you ever be success wildly successful if you're not in alignment with yourself? As my success has accelerated, I've had to get further and further in alignment with myself, as you start to have become a public figure. I don't know if I'm starting to become one. But as soon as you become a target a public figure, you you will, you can say you're a target. But you have to be there. There's a there's a level of growth there too, because there's visibility and it's like, are you doubling down? Are you still seeking acknowledgement from everyone else externally? Right. So it's, I would say the people that are stuck there, like take some time and do some work. And like really, like the thing you want to understand about your past is you did the best you could just like I did, the best you did. Every day of our life. We did the best we could There was never a day of your life where it's like do amazing things and be a total dickhead. And screw my life up. Like there was never a point where like, for fun, let's screw everything up. No, we always did the best we could. Now there may have been times when we knew there were two directions and we picked this one. But that means we were incapable of executing this one. Right? We couldn't execute it. So we'd literally have done the best we could every moment of every day. And your best is different on different days. Like if you love to run and you can run a mile in six minutes and you break your leg it may take you 10 hours and it may be more effort than you've ever put in. Because your best is different on different days. So when you start to get an alignment with life and align with yourself then you start to flow naturally because you can only go so far living in your mind Yeah, and then to hit on the point that you made before about like looking backwards, it's like the quote comes to mind where it's like you want to look through the windshield, not the rearview mirror, you can't look into the rearview mirror, like, there's a reason the windshield is 80% bigger than the rear, because you want to be able to see what's in front of you. So you were talking a little bit about the different levels where you're talking about the person that is in the corporate job, and the makeup to like 202 50. And then that's, that's difficult than 250 to 500. And then 500 to a million, so forth, so on. So I have that that hit me personally, because that's exactly where I'm at, where, where you are to where it's like, I'm at that you know that 202 50? Rep, you have to kill it, you realize you're not gonna be an executive, because it's just not you can't do it. The games? No way. It's not gonna happen. I can't You can't play the game. I can't play the game. I feel like a lot of people are in that position. what's some advice you could specifically give for someone in that position to go from that level to that next level of being able to get to because you said that? What was the like the 250? To five to 250? To 500? Yeah, it's it's, yeah, hitting 250 is hard when you when you hit 250, usually flow to five, pretty easily. But getting to 250 is one of the hardest things, I think the first thing that that is going to help everybody is make a decision that you're going to do it like that the challenge that happens for most people is they they operate in uncertainty because they don't know the strategy. The uncertainty is the indicator of a misaligned frame. Certainty is an indicator of an aligned frame. So if you want to get an aligned frame of finding a new business, or creating SAS or for success, or changing your body, or finding that partner you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with, the first thing you need to do is say, Yes, I'm going to find that partner, it's going to be an amazing experience. And it's going to be amazing for the rest of my life. Because I'm not going to stop until I do. I am going to find work that I love, I am going to work for myself, I'm going to create a business that pays me handsomely and has create life on my terms, because I'm not going to stop until I do that, right there is an align frame, because you're using the power of decision to align the frame. That's step one. So do you do this? So you said you were talking about previously about when you were in your previous mind before your framework of yourself shifted? Yeah, about how you did do the incantations you do the daily affirmations? So what does that look like with what you just said? Because we can hit on this a little bit? That's like, kind of like your framing statements. And yeah, your your mindset statements. So is that a practice that you are wanting to hit on every day? So you say, so I say I wake up the next morning, my goal next year is to generate 10,000 a month in passive income, I can wake up the next morning and say, Hey, I am going to generate $10,000 a month of passive income by buying these businesses, I am going to do this. How do you keep How do you maintain that? How do you keep that flowing? Well, when you ask me the question, how do you maintain it? There's a presupposition in your frame that it's not permanent. You make it permanent by shifting the frame that's saying it's not permanent. Hmm. It's, it's, it's fun doing this interview guys. Because me and Jason are mindset battling, and I'm fighting for my life for all of you, because I'm with you. And it's like, I understand that he's a genius. And we're coming back at it. And I'm shifting yourself. I'm shifting your frame right now, right, that you're going to this conversation with it? It's shifting a frame. But But what if it's not painful? What if it's actually exciting? It's painfully exciting, Jason. Because, so I don't do any practices regularly, none. Because Because I used to operate under someone else's model and conditioning to try to change my brain. But my understanding between myself and some of the other coaching methodologies out there is that when you operate your life from the level of mindset and action, the only way to create permanency in your mindset from this level is with condition, physical conditioning. And that's why when you go to some of those big events that other people do, there's a lot of repetition over and over and over again, because you're conditioning your mindset. When you operate from a higher level frequency of life, a higher level of consciousness, all you have to do is shift frame and it shifts all it automatically. But 20 years ago, 25 years ago, we didn't have access to this level of point of view that we have now. We're operating today at a higher frequency of life than we ever have. You couldn't do this 10 years ago. And it's very obvious because you see, like, I think it's true I think of them as an example but you think of like the Paul brothers. I don't know if you know them like that Logan and Jake Paul, where they're making YouTube videos. And then they started making like Tic TOCs they're like child stars. And then now they're worth hundreds of millions of dollars each and they're doing Pay Per View boxing. And then like Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather. Yeah. Why? Everyone bought it. There's no, there's no, yeah, there's no limit did years ago, you couldn't you could have the only limit is you? How fast can you allow the growth and transformation? That's because that's the question. Let's let it go. Right now, man, I want to let it rip, well, then let it go, well, then that's why you need to come to my live event. Because we'll do this for three days. And then you're you'll walk out a different person, here we go. But the point is, like, your entire perception of reality is based on frames. When you start working with me or my team, one of the first things we do is before we can even start working on aligning you with with success, successful business or real estate or whatever industry you're in, we have to realigned your frame around the process of changing too. So a part of it is like the foundation of as change permanent, does it can it be permanent? are you worth it? Can it be easy, it doesn't have to be hard, like so as you start. So it's really a game of alignment. And my daily practice, is just being aware of where I'm out of alignment. And when I'm out of alignment, change it. And you could shift the frame and seconds like that. So hit on slightly about how you can tell because you've hit on it a couple of times, but this this really drove the point home? How can you really tell when you're in alignment versus Yes, outside of alignment, use your guidance system, your gut, your gut, but let me expand on this, not just your gut, because as men, we can follow our gut, that's a manly thing. I'm talking about your emotions, oh, we're told to turn those things off, turn those off and put them in the drawer. Men don't need those. Those are your indicators of what would that is that a crazy idea. The way you determine if you're in frequency alignment with life is your emotions, like da like. So if you're feeling a positive emotion, your frame is aligned. If you're feeling a negative emotion, you're not in alignment, if you're and the intensity of the emotion is the degree of match, you could be Oh, it's it's, it's pause just a little excited, you could be content. And you could be frickin jumping for joy. And you could be disappointed or you could be terrified. So that determines the degree of mass the other thing is certainty, or uncertainty. So the positive emotion, if you're feeling negative emotion, or resistance and uncertainty about the target, your frame is wrong. And you'll add you will never ever, ever hit the target that way. Never. Now you may hit a mediocre target. But the whole point of this is you can hit any target you're aligned with so why not aiming at an exciting, amazing target? So the three goal setting questions I use with clients is what do you want? And when you ask somebody, what do you want? Hey, they're okay. I made 100 grand last year. What do you want? Oh, next year, I'm gonna make 110 Yeah. Because when you ask somebody what they want, they're gonna base what they want based on their past, always. So it's gonna be a comparison. Okay, 100 110. Do you ask him what's possible? So what do you want? What's possible? What's possible? Well, I could do 250. How do you know that? Well, what guy on my team did that? Okay, so what's possible gives you an answer from external reference. That is, of course, unless you're beyond external reference. The third question is, what would it what is it an impossible target for you to hit between now and the end of the year, but it will be a lot of fun to do. And when you ask people that question, they go impossible, I can't do that. And they go, oh, and then they kind of defocus and they kind of go internal. And they get this gut answer the pops up by two by buy a large multi unit, boom. And it's when we follow those impossible targets we get in alignment with life, and you start operating in that unknown space of I could do $10,000 In three months, I just don't know how versus the known where you're mapping out the five year plan to get 100 properties. So that the place you want to operate from is a frame of the unknown stuff isn't impossible and isn't, you know, sorry for double negative isn't not likely, but it's possible and guaranteed and absolutely going to happen. So I operate from the framework and possible things are absolutely going to happen. I do I know when no do I know how No, it doesn't matter. But is it gonna happen 100% Is JDC gonna tax again 100%. So you say that and it brings me to it brings me to my three year vivid vision because I did like the cam Harold vivid vision work. And so I'm 26 right now about to be 27 here in a couple of weeks. And so my goal is at 29 my 29th birthday. I want to have $25,000 coming in per month. And then like that was like, I was like, That's it. That's the number. And then I'm like, Okay, let's back off that, like, why do I need 25? Why do I keep coming at that? Like, let's go back to 10? Like, let's go back. Like, why is that so big? Now, as you're saying that for some reason I keep going to that 25 number. I don't know why I keep going to that 25 number, but I knew, and I'm like, I'm going to get it. I don't know how I'm gonna get it, but I'm gonna get it. Yeah. And it's, I think that's what you're talking about. But it's like, yeah, I have no idea how, for some reason, I'm gonna get well, of course, you don't know how but but but but the cool thing is those impossible targets, transform you in the process. And when you say yes to an impossible target, you're going to get hit with shit out of left field. You're going to be like, Alright, I'm going to go bigger. I'm going to go after that. And all of a sudden, you have some major, major thing that has nothing to do with business being a big problem. B. And that's just how it works every time because we start something. Yeah. So yeah, but it's like, obstacles aren't problems aren't problems, problems are obstacles and obstacles are the key to growth. Because to hit those impossible targets, you have to transform into the person that will do those. So that's normally that's normally part of the process. Yeah, it's gonna happen. Yeah, it's gonna throw me off. Am I gonna do it? Yep. Do I know how Nope, you don't know how to do it all there. There's going to be challenge, right? There's going to be transformation. You can call it friction, but there should be some aligned pull at the bottom it like you. I want it. Yeah. Is it gonna happen? Yeah. Is it gonna be easy? No. Am I gonna do it anyway? Yeah. And the reason you don't know how to do it is because you're not in a high enough frequency to get the answer. And what's happening is life is aligning all the parts of you to move to the frequency, because you're right here, and the answer pops up here. Or and that answer, maybe a new connection that you meet at lunch that changes your life. So stop living in the known and live in the frickin unknown, because that's where the magic is. Anything could happen next. And it's so funny, because it's like, you're you're so wired to be analytical, rational, practical operations. Here's, you know, 8% quarterly 8%. Year today, you know, let's go now it's 10% year to date. So now you're going from that to like, Hey, get out of the known, this is what you've done before. Like, move on to the next thing. And also, Jason, I want to be conscious of your time. We got seven minutes here we good for a little bit longer. Do you want to see Yeah, I'm good for a bit longer. Okay, perfect. I just wanted to be sure, because I want to make sure we have at minimum like a 15 minute spot. We can talk about the book. And we can actually go into that. Now. You want to. Yeah, yeah. And one other thing I wanted to say, let me check my calendar real quick. Yeah, I've got time. So you, you know what your target is? Right? That okay. What's that target saying out loud? $25,000 coming in passively a month on December 1 2023. Okay. Okay, so what the way we're conditioned to set goals is we'll say, Okay, we'll go to December 23. And we'll work backwards. Right? And that's how we set goals. You cannot do that with impossible goals. You can't do that. Okay? Because if I asked you, what's the most important thing you can do in the next 12 months to hit the 25k in passive income by December 2023? What's the first thing that pops up? I have no idea how to do that. Okay, so if you if you if we sat with it long enough, you'd cut your brain with come up an idea. Because if you if there's kind of a way you can actually tell because your brain will always give you an answer. But we don't want the brain answer. We want the intuitive gut answer. And the way you get the intuitive gut answer because when you're aiming at impossible unknown targets, we don't want to follow our brain, we want to follow our gut. So so the way the way you have to set your action items is not from the future backwards, you have to set them from today forward. So what's the number one thing you can do in the next three days to make progress towards making 25k passive in December 2023? If I were to answer right now, it would be really getting down on the action. But to your point like that's, that's where that's where the disconnect is. Because my brain instantly goes to k, the first thing that I need to do is create a 12 month plan, break it down and break it down a year, and then come up with a plan to generate, you know, 1/3 of that into the next 12 months. And then how do I go about that? cash flowing businesses real estate? How do I go about buying all that? Okay, there's, here's what I need to do. Here's the people I need to get, here's the money I need to save. Okay, how often do I need to buy that? And then back out. So, but what was the first answer that popped up when asked the question? I don't know you, I just completely went on a tangent. Okay. Okay. So let me ask you again, what's the most what's the what, what is one thing you can do in the next three days to make the most progress towards hitting your goal of 25k in passive income? Clarifying an action plan. Okay. that's needed to do. So you want to ask yourself one day at a time now you can ask yourself, What's the number one thing I can do in the next? Let's ask you again. Let me ask the question to get let's push it out a little bit. What's the number one thing you can do to make major progress on your 25 km passive income goal in the next two weeks? Doing I've got a call scheduled with Matt, and then going over, I'm literally creating my 2022 game plan with Matt in the next two weeks. So did that answer pop up instantly? Or was there a delay? There was a delay. Okay, that's your brain. So that's too far. That's too far. What's the number one thing you can do in the next week to create progress toward your 25k on passive income? It keeps going back to that. I don't know. I don't know another answer. Thank you. Okay. Okay, that then that that's the only answer you get right now. Because you're working with life, you're working with the unknown. So here's what you do. You aim at that plan. And the known as best you can go sit with Matt, do that plan, aim at the known as best you can. And do your best to pull out action items for the unknown and look for opportunities to leap up where the known unknown is going to happen. You just don't know how but in the meantime, while you're waiting for the unknown to pop up, you're taking action in the known. Huh. And it's crazy, because it's like you're talking about this. And it's like, here's a good example if you if you if you don't mind. So for me to tell the story. So here's a prime example of everything that Jason is talking about. So Brian Luebben, myself a year and a half ago. I'm listening to podcasts I'm listening to all these things I'm hearing all these people I'm I'm starting to get into investing I don't know what I'm really doing. I'm enjoying it. You know, I've got a house under my belt. I'm listening to these people on podcast cool. I reached out to David Osborne randomly cold email by just shoot him an email say hey, I've no idea what I'm doing. But I'll do anything you hate doing for free. I get an email back. I get invited as a guest to the Go abundance Breckenridge event in last fall from that point. Now I've got my entire circle where it's guys like you Jason and a lot of other go bonus guys were those the people that I talked to the majority of the time, and they came out of nowhere. So now my wife has like, in my frequency in my framework to your point has gone from that to in one email. Now, I've got my network of you know, the David Osborne's. The Tim Rhodes, the Pat hymens you all these people that are coming on this podcast, and that's something I couldn't have even fathom five years ago. So it's talking about what you just your do your action plan, but also leave yourself Elson to open and flexible enough to where that one person can come in that one day. And then that's the person you need. That's the operator. Take you about 100 100% Yeah, there was you were you were inspired to do that, right. You're like I'm gonna do this. I think it's gonna work. I don't know, but I'm gonna do it anyway, like, that was a naturally inspired action. And look what happened. Hmm. And that's why I have belief in everything because I'm like, honestly, at this point, I don't understand how I could feel sorry for everyone listening we're going off on our own personal example and we'll wrap it back hahaha everyone else as well. Because I don't want to monopolize all of you this happens on every put this happens on every podcast. Oh, trust me, I've listened I kind of expected it. But I was trying to stay as strong as I could. But um, no, because it's like, it goes back to use you surround yourself. Like you you are you are who you surround yourself with. And you're you are who what rooms you're in. So it's like that's why I'm honored to be able it's all it's all it's all Yeah, and it's all frequency and it happens automatically. Because then once you're at that level of frequency, then you're when other people come up and people listen, I'm I'm very, very serious. And this is happening with my girlfriend right now as we speak to where she's like, Hey, you know, I'm a business owner. I this is what I'm gonna do with my business. And now these random women are popping into her life that are huge, multi millionaire mentors and business owners that just happen to be there the universe's disposal, and the universe really, really will rewards people who know where they're going and know what they want and it will help you get there. So that's that's what you're talking about man and that is so inspiring. It's so freakin awesome. To hear awesome. Yeah. Let's hit a bit listen a little bit about the book. I think I've mentioned it the title before I don't know if it was on mic or off so that the book is do the impossible unlock your full potential with the power of mindset and then Jason when it is releasing February 24 is when the print copy is available. You can start pre ordering on Black Friday at BiggerPockets Okay, awesome. So before, so let's go ahead. So I mean, and we can go into your whole relationship with bigger pockets and Brandon Turner. So to give like a 30,000 foot, like the bigger pockets host, Brandon Turner, he was starting with Jason. He was doing rentals, and then now he's doing multifamily. And now he's doing mobile home parks. And he's absolutely Tenex his portfolio. And he'll continue to attend that with Jason. So Jason, if anybody's listening to this, and they're like, Yeah, I love what you're saying, What would this book bring them, this book will not just teach you this process of what I live this foundation of how I operate and JDC operates, but it'll integrate it to. So it's not a book that you just have to read. And then then take it upon yourself to condition it. If you do the exercises in this book, it will realign you with doing impossible things. That's what the way the books designed, it has repeat after me is built into it. There's frameshifting. So if you read the book and do the exercise, it'll pull you into alignment. So by the end of the book, you'll be thinking the way I am. Okay, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I'm curious, because well, and if you had, yeah, if you go to if you want an even faster, deeper integration, then come to a live event. And that's what we do for multi day live events. That's freaking awesome. So I was just curious, because a lot of people that are like this are like subject matter experts, and whatever, X, Y, and Z, when they go to write a book, there's a lot of friction there with actually getting it out on paper. Because to your point, a lot of people that are very successful, the more successful they get, the harder it is for them to articulate how and why they got there, and how and why they're successful. So when you were writing this book, were you in a flow in a line state to where you could just pour it out? Or was there friction there trying to be able to get it on paper? Well, again, most people don't know how their success actually happened. That's why they can't articulate it. And they're remembering the actions they took, right, versus the alignment process. For me, it was, it was all like it was 95% flow, the structure was was thinking and flow, but I wasn't ghostwritten I had a writing partner. So I like dictated all the content and the my writing partner, Bonnie was really good at helping me structure it in a linear fashion, because my brain is not very linear. But I will literally get to a section of the book that it was needed to write. And I would stare at the screen and it would be like, blank crickets just like chirping in my ear. And I was like, Okay, what am I supposed to write here? And I'd write like a paragraph, and I realized I was using my brain. So I was like, Okay, I shifted into a frame, can I get a sense of a version of me who just wrote an amazing chapter. And I'm like, Yes, and then literally, words just flow out. And that's how I wrote, that's how I wrote like, 70% of the book. Because because that's how I wanted to write the book. So I moved into a frame where that's how it would work, because we are in control of how our reality operates. So if your reality isn't working the way you want it to then move into a frame where it does. And that's what I've done. So there's a lot of frame alignment pieces I've done along the way around content creation, around impact of my work about receiving the benefits of the impact of my work about the people around me, it's all frames like I literally hire people based on frame I was I knew that Jason Jason JDC needed to evolve our coaching staff, to basically pick my dissect, decipher what I do and teach my coaches how to do it. And I literally didn't know who it was, I moved into a frame where I just hired this amazing coaching leader to help dissect my process and teach the coaches and literally two weeks later, a guy who trained me and coaching, eight years ago reached out to me cool. So was that was I picking up on something in the future? Or did I make it happen? I don't know. But regardless, then, so anytime I want resources to show up, I move into a frame where they will and then they do. So explain. elaborate a little bit. Because I love everything that you're saying. So you're like it's a frame? It's a frame. Now, you're like, Okay, I need someone that's going to be a world class hire that's going to absolutely murder and get all these people. I'm going to get that person, then. Yeah. Yes. That's it. That's it. That's it. Yeah. Because I am putting myself into the frame, which is becoming the person that has that. So if you put yourself in the frame, you will have that experience. Now, that experience may happen in a minute or an hour or a year or 10 years like I could put myself here's here's the best example I can give you about frame alignment is that I could put myself in frame alignment with being a billionaire. And the process of becoming a billionaire could take 20 years. Right? I could put myself in the process of having a breakthrough idea. And a breakthrough idea shows up tomorrow. So it's literally there's a delay you like you move into the frame alignment of the love reality you want. And then there's a slight delay of when it shows up. And that's up to life, not us. When you dial into the targets that are instinctive and intuitive, they show up much faster. As you're saying that my mind my mind works in analogies, I'm just thinking about where yeah, like LinkedIn, and then you could put like, the covert thing where it's like, open for new positions. And it's like, your employer can't see it. But it's like, the recruiters can all see it. And I think it's like, like putting that open for all ideas and possibilities on your, like, virtual life, life life force. And then the universe is like, alright, this guy's gonna latch on to him. Yeah, and I'm trying to elaborate all this is I want to avoid anybody trying to do this. And then they say, I am going, I am committing and I am going to be ripped and held me and I'm going to be a millionaire. And I haha, all the universe has to give me and all the possibilities, and then they're on their couch eating Cheez Its, and then they're like, Oh, this isn't working, what the hell, Jason said it was gonna work. Yeah, that's kind of discourage. So I'm just Well, if they, if they went set, if they went into alignment, first, they would at least feel bad about sitting on the couch. I think that's where that's so well, you have to you have to be willing to follow the process of life. So you can make an alignment and a decision and get into alignment. And then when life gives you a hint, to start following the process, you can follow the process of life, or you can sit on your butt on the couch. You have to walk your path. There's no instant manifestation here. And so alignment is because I keep trying to think about more and more how to define alignment. So I feel like a lot alignment, as you keep talking about it is coming more and more in tune with the person that you need to be to accomplish what you're trying to accomplish. And then that stuff now because you know that you're that person. Now that you know that that those are the things that that person does, and you're doing them they feel natural, and they feel right, and they don't go heavy, because you know, this is something that that person does, that would accomplish the goal that I'm looking to accomplish. Yeah, and I would I would define it even more as be the person that has that reality. Right, and instead of the person who knows what to do be the person that has that reality, because of the person who weighs 180 pounds, but used to be 300, that person who weighs 180, who wants to weigh 180, but it's currently 300 would start taking a different action, they would if you because if you weigh 350 pounds, and you want to weigh 180, all you have to do is start acting like a one 180 pound version of you, and then it will show up. It's not that hard. But most but most people don't, don't follow the process. The most frustrating part about all this is is like I want to understand at a high level what you're saying. But it's like I can understand it to the level that I can. And like I know, as I keep coming back and digesting it and digesting it, it's gonna get more and more and more, because it's just like, I feel like that 300 pound person is just like, oh, yeah, you could tell me that. But like, I've got, I've got high blood sugar. Like, I've got all this, like the excuses start pouring out. Yeah, and I'm like Joe Dispenza healed his broken back with his mind. So what's your problem? You know, my Boom? Oh, my God. Alright, so is there anything specifically? What was your favorite part about the book that you were writing? Like? Do you have a specific chapter or specific topic that you talked about, that you really like? Very, very passionate about? Or is it all kind of? Well, I don't know, I think the part I'm most excited about is there's, there's like an entire chapter of repeat after me is at the end, which is the bullet which is the frame shifting mindset shifting and integrating process. And I think it's like 13, or 15 pages hits a lot of them. So I'm most curious to see what happens when people read that who have nothing who don't know anything about me in coaching. That's what I'm really curious about. Because the people around me they're more into this and they already know, but I'm really curious about the people who don't pick it up. Like I'm really curious to see what happens like mom reads it, like does she? Does she actually do the exercises, or and see if it transforms that because it should but you know, the book is designed specifically to break down all of the resistance to that. So if you follow the book and want to change, it will change you. So I'd say that's actually my favorite. So as we as we finish up here, can you go over a couple of maybe your favorite repeat after me is because this is a concept I haven't even heard about yet. Well, the simple way is like frameshifting shifts your frequency like we did, and repeat after me shifts the mind. So you can say I take full ownership of my life and everything in it. So try that repeat after me. I take full ownership of my life and everything in it. I take full ownership of my life and everything Everything I learned today, everything I learned today is permanent. It's permanent. I know all of it. I know all of it, because I said so. Because I said, so I take full ownership of anything. I take full ownership of anything contradictory, contradictory to making this permanent, to making this permanent, and I integrate it, and I integrate it to neutrality to neutrality. Now, now, and so it is. And so it is. So that's that's how you start to reprogram your mind as you speak statements outlined that are overriding some of the old language that's running because our reality is based upon a frequency and mind and free frame shifts this and the repeat after minds get repeat after me is get the mind. So those repeat after me is about immediate change, about success, about fear of failure, fear of rejection, seeking acknowledgement from other people. So the book actually isn't just about success, it really gets you fully enlightened, to be integrate your past and all of your all the stuff that's out of alignment in you until as far as you're ready for and align you with basically being wide open to do amazing things. So what is the key differentiator between that and an affirmation, quote unquote? Or would they they're kind of similar? Because I remember you saying that you did like the hour worth of doing that daily and it didn't work for you. Well, what, if you like doing it for affirmations then do affirmations? Like I I've always thought I should only do an affirmation one time. Because if you're doing affirmations multiple times, it could be because you enjoy saying them out loud. But most people who do them repeatedly, it's because they think it's not permanent unless they do. So why operate in a frame where it's not permanent? When you can easily just shift to one where it is? Got it? Yeah, because my understanding of it before was more so being like, Okay, I want to make this a daily reality. I want to have this be a daily practice because then it gets my mind shift mindset into focus towards this today. But I understand because prior today, you were operating from here and the only way you knew how to create change is through physical repetition and social conditioning can mental conditioning, but now we're operating from here and you don't have to God bother most people. Which which reality Do you want to live in? Do you want to spend your time doing information or exploring what's possible and being amazed at what's amazing what life can bring you? Man this is this is so cool. This is so good. So where so where can people buy the book? Obviously target obviously target Yeah, bigger pockets website. It'll be on Amazon. I think in April, shipping hard copies, I think in April, actually now are hard copies ships at bigger pockets in February. I think it's in Amazon on April and bookshelves in April. Okay. And as a reminder, everyone, that's the do the impossible unlock your full potential with the power of Mindset by Jason Drees. Besides that, what are some other resources? I mean, obviously, your coaching program. So if you were to describe your coaching program at a 30,000 foot view, who is your program for anyone going from point A to point B? Or do you want to elaborate my coaching programs for anybody who wants to get more of what they want in life, it's that simple. We have people who are making nothing and making eight figures in our coaching. So it's all relative to where you are. We do one on one coaching. And we also do a group coaching program. And I also do live events. So and the kind of thing about it is like I have a group coaching program, one on one is where you work with a coach 60 to 90 minutes a month, and they help customize it for you. Then you also have my mindset academy group coaching program where it's a group calls and you get content like this on a regular basis. There's a foundational program that starting January one, you go up to the 10x, I'm sorry, the mindset Academy advanced program, and that has me and other coaches delivering live new content. That's really where my newest content comes out my newest tools that's in the mindset Academy, advanced level, and then there's all go up again, I have a 10x group that is run by coaches and attend X group that is run by me. So my 10x group right now there's like 12 people in it. And I work with those twice a week. And I'm basically aligning them every Monday I'm pushing them higher in a coached mastermind. So if you're interested in that, and really it's going up the scale is how much more access you get to me and how much more of my time is kind of where that works. So I do coach a few people one on one not too many these days. But if you're looking to dive into this content, the best way to dive into this as with a live event, we're doing it as a live event in Austin, Texas, December 11 through the 14th so it's basically three and a half days in a room with me and 40 other people doing And then you'll walk out radically transformed. So, no, where's the link that they can find more information about that? Excuse me, Jason Drees coaching dot com. You can find it there. There's a link through the website. Perfect. Well, I think that's the end it? I think so too. All right, my friend. Well, thank you, sir. I am over here I was, I knew I was gonna come into this podcast, I know how to prepare. And I knew how to be ready, because I knew that you were going to ask questions that are going to completely throw me off. I feel like I did decent please don't blame it too badly if I didn't for everyone listening. It was it was awesome. It was amazing. And as always my friend you deliver above and beyond. So thank you very much, Mr. Drees. I appreciate you and thank you for everything that you're doing. This is so huge. And I'm so honored and privileged to be able to give this message out to these people that are listening to this as well. So thank you, sir. You're welcome. And thanks for having me. It was a good time. And I just enjoy spreading this impact to help as many people as I can. Awesome. So on that this is Brian Luebben hosted the action Academy podcast and Jason on on bookshelves at Target. Haha. Thank you very much. You've been listening to the action Academy podcast helping you to choose what you want with who you want. When you want you've been given the gift of freedom. Don't turn your back on that. We hope you've enjoyed the show. And we hope you've gotten some practical and useful information make sure to like rate and review the show. We'll be back soon. But in the meantime, hook up with us on social media. Remember financial independence is freedom. The freedom fly