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Nov. 9, 2022

Life After Biggerpockets & Almost One Billion In Real Estate w/ Brandon Turner (REPLAY)

Life After Biggerpockets & Almost One Billion In Real Estate w/ Brandon Turner (REPLAY)

Brandon Turner was (formerly) the host of the Biggerpockets podcast, educating over 100 million people on how to invest in real estate. There's a HIGH chance he's one of the people who originally taught you too!

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Here's his bio - in his own words:

Hey there! I’m Brandon Turner. 

Most know me through being host of BiggerPockets, the #1 real estate investing podcast with over 100 million downloads. But there’s more to know than that! 

  • I’m “awkward tall” (6’5”)
  • I have an amazing wife Heather, a beautiful daughter Rosie, and a wild man Wilder
  • I read 50-75 books a year, about half physical, 1/4 kindle, and 1/4 audible
  • I am self conscious of my voice and weight. Ironically - I use my voice and image to talk to millions every month. God clearly has a sense of humor!
  • I love Jesus and try to live my life in such a way to hear Him someday say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”

And, of course, I LOVE real estate. More importantly, I love the freedom which investing in real estate brings. 

Growing up, I used to lay awake in bed waiting for my dad to come home from work and kiss me goodnight. Don’t get me wrong - I loved my dad and he worked hard so I could have a great life. But I swore that I would be around for my kids and wouldn’t miss out on the valuable time with them because I was tied to a desk.

Real estate brought me that freedom. And my goal is to help others find that freedom - through real estate investing education and providing passive investment opportunities with Open Door Capital. 

Today's show is a can't miss episode on mindset, real estate, scale, and just being awesome in general!

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