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June 24, 2022

How to Scale and Automate your Life / Business Through Virtual Assistants | Daniel Ramsey (Replay)

How to Scale and Automate your Life / Business Through Virtual Assistants | Daniel Ramsey (Replay)

Today's Episode features Daniel Ramsey, the Founder and CEO of MyOutDesk - one of the top rated virtual assistant companies in the space. This episode focuses on teaching you how  to scale and delegate any business through the power of virtual assistants, systems, and processes. Free up your calendar and increase your revenue with this show today!

Top Takeaways:

  •  Go From "I do" to "We Do to "They Do"
  • What does a system look like?
  • What's a virtual assistant?
  • How and what to delegate out
  • How to find a coach

About Daniel Ramsey:

Daniel Ramsey is the founder and CEO of MyOutDesk, rated number one in virtual assistant services by TechRadar and Analytics Insight, and is one of the longest-running virtual assistant services companies — serving 6,000+ clients with 700+ verified five-star business reviews. MyOutDesk fortifies and scales growing companies with Virtual Professionals.

Daniel is a long-time entrepreneur, having run and sold several businesses in his career. Back in 2008, he was inspired by his own time-management struggles to find a better way to help businesses leverage their time and energy and created MyOutDesk to provide a trusted, reliable solution to the office administration, marketing, and prospecting tasks that every business has – but most lack time to focus on.

Daniel has worked with some of the largest companies in the fastest-growing industries: sales organizations, tech startups, insurance, real estate, healthcare, and more.

Outline of the Episode:

[00:40] How Daniel decided to be a businessman

[03:16] Are entrepreneurs born or bred?

[04:56] The three stages of building a business

[12:28] Systems used for onboarding

[14:56] Before anything else, hire a coach

[20:28] Advice on the vetting process for a coach

[23:21] Compound leverage and building systems and processes

[30:44] Why build a team for the business

[32:53] Be proactive, not reactive

[39:54] Benefits of hiring virtual assistants



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