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March 14, 2022

How to Provide MASSIVE Value (The Value Equation) w/ Jake Havron

How to Provide MASSIVE Value (The Value Equation) w/ Jake Havron
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"Good" doesn't cut it today in branding or business. You need to be EXCEPTIONAL. Today's guest Jake Havron goes over the 4 part "Value Equation" for how to stand out in today's market!

Starting his career as a Nurse, Jake Havron started to feel torn down treating patients for avoidable, life-threatening illnesses, only to have them return a few months later with the same problem. He later learned that it didn’t matter what strategy he implemented as that is only 20 percent of success. The other 80 percent is the mindset and psychology. So now, as a health and success coach, Jake focuses his message on busy entrepreneurs, teaching them how to build the best habits so they can obtain their dream body while also building their dream life.

Jake teaches the three keys to success people need to know to increase their vitality, build their confidence and raise them to their peak performance. He speaks with a simple understanding of how people’s minds and bodies work and incorporates intelligent thinking that opens doors to making positive changes in their lifestyles.

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