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Dec. 29, 2021

How to Go From 0-100 (Thousand in Net Worth) | Brian Luebben

How to Go From 0-100 (Thousand in Net Worth) | Brian Luebben
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Brian Luebben (Me - Hey guys) was able to go from a Net Worth of $0.00 (Worthless) to $100,000 in a little over one year. Since then I have increased this in multiples, each milestone becoming easier and easier. In this episode I give the Top 5 Steps that will help you accomplish the same....if not more quickly. 

"The First Hundred Thousand is the Hardest" seems to be the consensus among the majority of people who have earned significant wealth. Why is this? Because you need to become a completely new person than you were before to earn it. 

After this Landmark is hit, the rest begins to roll in much more easily, like a train that has started from a deadstop and now has momentum.

Top 5 Tips:
- Friend Audit
-50% savings rate
-Househack / eliminate biggest expense
-Create a vivid vision
-join mastermind group

Bonus Tips:
-Do a Morning Routine Daily
-podcasts on real estate and biz in the car

12 Week Year - Brian Moran
Vivid Vision - Cam Herold
Fanatical Prospecting - Jeb Blount
Set for Life - Scott Trench
How to invest in real estate - Brandon Turner
Househacking Strategy - Craig Curelop
The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod
Who not How - Ben Hardy
Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki
Atomic Habits - James Clear
Wealth Cant Wait - David Osborn

Resources from Show (Mention the show for discount):
Mastermind (Accredited?)
Emerge Program (Anyone can Join)
Vision Board -


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