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Feb. 3, 2022

How to Create an Aligned Life Through Vivid Vision | Dr. Rob Murgatroyd

How to Create an Aligned Life Through Vivid Vision | Dr. Rob Murgatroyd
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Rob Murgatroyd was a Chiropractor. Title Pun Intended. Also key-word "was". He now quit his 7 figure practice randomly and moved to Florence, Italy - and you can too!

Dr. Rob Murgatroyd was a practicing Chiropractor in Atlanta, GA for years, planning on how to expand his practice and grow his business. There was only one thing wrong - he hated it.
He was a victim of a "72 degree life" where things were comfortable and not demanding any change.  Eventually there was a breaking point which lead to the creation of a "Vivid Vision" between him and his wife.

Not knowing what their new income sources would be, they hopped the pond to Florence Italy where they now reside.  Everything, piece by piece, fell into place from their vision.

In Today's Episode - Learn how to:

  • Know you deserve GREAT, not just good enough
  • Craft a compelling and detailed vision
  • Reinvent yourself, no matter how far down your path you are
  • Create vividly detailed goals and keep front of mind
  • Execute an ideal lifestyle design

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