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July 8, 2022

How Rolando Archila Planned, Prepped, & Left His W2 To Travel The World (Replay)

How Rolando Archila Planned, Prepped, & Left His W2 To Travel The World (Replay)
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Rolando was working a corporate w2 job that he hated (shocker) and decided that it was finally time to escape. This lead to him and his wife planning a year long trip around the world!

This lead to him and his wife visiting 15 countries and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Better yet, they plan to do this AGAIN and perpetually for the rest of their lives. This took some planning, prep, and determination....and in this episode we tell you all the details on how you can do it too.

In this episode - learn how to prepare mentally, financially, and strategically for long term travel, whether that be for a month, 3 months, or a year.

Learn how to:
-Budget for trip
-Destroy limiting beliefs
-Create a powerful vision and plan to overcome setbacks
-Utilize geographic arbitrage
-Work remotely or build skills that allow for this

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