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Aug. 8, 2022

How Aaron Amuchastegui Makes 6 Figures / Month While Traveling & Aging Backwards (Replay)

How Aaron Amuchastegui Makes 6 Figures / Month While Traveling & Aging Backwards (Replay)
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Ever make over $100,000 per month in your business, lose it all, then build it back 10x bigger?

Heck of a tag-line right? Today's guest is Aaron Amuchastegui, and boy does he have a story.
Aaron is a featured guest on many real estate podcasts (and host of Real Estate Rockstars Podcast) and got his early claim to fame by investing in Foreclosure Auctions on the courthouse steps. This allowed him to scale to over 1000 Flips and 450+ single family rentals held in his business. He was making 6 figures per month (and also spending that) and then lost it all.

In today's show, learn the lessons he took from this along with:
-How to travel the world with your family
-How to Biohack your body to reverse aging
-How to invest in a still little known real estate niche and kill it
-How to learn from failure and bake lifestyle design into your business

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