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Dec. 1, 2022

How A 28 Year Old Built A 70 Million Dollar Self Storage Empire w/ Andrew Abernathey

How A 28 Year Old Built A 70 Million Dollar Self Storage Empire w/ Andrew Abernathey
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Andrew Abernathey bought an apartment complex at 15 years old. Yup. Now - at 28, he is nearing 1 BILLION in AUM via A-class self storage facilities. Today's episode is a must listen.

I am the founder & CEO of Abernathey Holding Co. (AHC) I began my investing career at the age of 13, investing in a variety of public securities. Since the beginning, I have been deeply interested in Warren Buffett's value investing approach, and Gary Tharaldson’s simplicity approach.

Prior to beginning my investment career in full earnest, I always had a deep interest in business. This passion was exhibited with the commencement of other business operations. I, alongside my brother, founded Abernathey Brothers Farm, which is in the business of planting, growing, and harvesting thousands of acres of small grains to then sell in the open market. The operations have quickly grown into multiple locations in Lansford and Bottineau North Dakota. I believe Mr. Buffett's quote "One is a better businessman because he is an investor, and a better investor because he is a businessman.”

I launched AHC in August of 2012. AHC's investment strategy shifted in 2019 to only focusing, and investing in our farming operations and developing class-A self storage facilities across the United States.  Since inception, AHC has achieved market-beating returns and has grown its assets under management.

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