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Oct. 27, 2022

From Navy To $1,000,000 + Net Worth Through Syndications w/ Clif Luber

From Navy To $1,000,000 + Net Worth Through Syndications w/ Clif Luber

Today we cover the in's and outs of both running AND joining real estate syndications. Clif Luber is an Active Duty Navy service member that has earned his freedom through multifamily and alternative asset syndications. 

Clif graduated with a degree in Political Science from the United States Naval Academy where he was named a Harry S. Truman Scholar. He has previously served on a destroyer, hospital ship, and submarine, as well as at the Pentagon and White House. His last tour on active duty he served as a Special Operations Logistician. 

Clif’s real estate experience includes Multifamily (Apartments), RV Parks and Campgrounds, as well as short term rentals. He is a General Partner on over 900 units and a Limited Partner on 600 units. As a co-founder of Upward Capital, he is dedicated to helping veterans, young professionals, and families invest and build financial freedom with real estate joint ventures and syndications. 

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