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Jan. 7, 2022

From College to 2 Million Net Worth at 28 Years Old | Cody Tuma

From College to 2 Million Net Worth at 28 Years Old | Cody Tuma
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Financial Friday Episode TWO - Cody Tuma. Diving into cold hard numbers, Income, networth, $ returns and investments. 

Cody Tuma is a realtor based in Bend Oregon with a net worth of 2 million at 29 years old. Cody was a realtor for years and saw that there was a massive demand for new build homes, so he started buying land and calling builders. Fast forward to making $50-100,000 profit per home and he decided it was finally time to move into commercial investing. Follow along for the journey from all of this to the creation of his company OfferForm - a new software for realtors and brokerages.

In this episode we break down the exact investment strategies he uses for the following asset classes:
-Commercial Distribution Centers
-Raw Land
-New Build Spec Homes


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