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June 14, 2022

From $800 to 8 Figure Net Worth at Age 34 w/ Matt Aitchison

From $800 to 8 Figure Net Worth at Age 34 w/ Matt Aitchison

The road to 8 Figure Wealth (10M+) is a bumpy one. It requires scale and different systems than what it takes to hit one million. Today's guest shares his wins and lessons on this journey.

Matt Aitchison - a real estate investor, syndicator, speaker and philanthropist. He’s flipped hundreds of houses, built a Top 1000 real estate team in the U.S, and now focuses solely on raising capital for syndications and scaling his passive income portfolio comprised of commercial strip centers, hospitality assets, and single family rentals. Matt is extremely passionate about helping others create more wealth, freedom, and fulfillment in their life and business through real estate and business investment opportunities. He is also the host of the Millionaire Mindcast, a Top 100 ranked business podcast. Most importantly, he’s a husband to his amazing wife Marie and two beautiful daughters, Ella and Evelyn.

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