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Sept. 9, 2022

Financial Mindset Exercise: Listen To This If You Want To Make More Money

Financial Mindset Exercise: Listen To This If You Want To Make More Money
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Brian Luebben (@theactionpod) takes us through multiple mental exercises to better our relationships with money today. 

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You will never outearn your financial mindset. Never. Ever will you outearn your financial mindset? Welcome to the action academy podcast. Stand back while I celebrate freedom, the show where we help you achieve financial independence with the mindsets methods and actionable steps. From guests, who've already earned their freedom, the flags of freedom, fly freedom, right? Choose to do what you want, what you want with who you want with who you want when you want, when you want with another episode today. Now here's your host, Brian Lubin. What up action academy, family. This is your host as always Brian Lubin, bringing you the mindsets, the methods, and the actionable steps for you to earn freedom in your life in business. Welcome to all the new listeners that we have right now. A lot of new eardrums listening at the sign of my voice. If you are new to the show, we have a lot of good episodes for you to binge and listen to. And today we have a topic that hits very close to home. And one that we just had a call about in GoBundance. First and foremost, you will never outearn your financial mindset. Never. Ever where you outearn your financial mindset. Think of this as a thermostat, you have set a financial thermostat that is set for your comfort level of earning potential. So if you are making $40,000 a year and that's all you've ever made, and you can't ever imagine, or fathom making six figures, you will subconsciously sabotage yourself. Whenever you get the opportunity to make six figures, always it's just gonna happen. Same thing happens with the guy that makes a hundred thousand or a girl that makes a hundred thousand and they wanna make 200,000. If you subconsciously have hangups and tie ups with money in your own self worth and your earning potential, as soon as you start getting up to that 200 mark, you were going to self sabotage yourself and come right back down to your homeostasis, your 72 degrees, your comfort zone financially. Guaranteed. You need to be aware of this. This is step one. So where do we get this financial thermostat? Where does this even come from? Where does it originate? I've got good and bad news. The situation for like 70% of us is we will never outearn what our parents made. So you were raised in an environment with a certain amount of money with parents that viewed money a certain way. And this became your deeply held and rooted beliefs around money. And this may not be conscious to you until you think about it right now. Take a second and write down how much did your parents make? Uh, oh, right. Yeah. And for some of us, once you blow past that, that's where we get our first resistance layer of money. Right? Our first financial resistance layer is how much your parents made. As soon as you move past that, then we're gonna go up to the next stage, which is thinking about what is your relationship with money overall, where you raised with the ideas that people that had money were generous, giving prosperous. Good people or were you raised with the ideas that money equals greed, that you shouldn't chase money? You shouldn't love money and you need to hoard and save every single dollar and the wealthy are terrible. Right? So. A lot of us are gonna fall into that second category. If we come from lower to middle class families, that was kind of, my situation is we were raised with, eh, we don't really trust the wealthy, right? So to still align from a good friend, Chris harder, when good people make good money, they could do great things. Here's my challenge to you. And I had to get over this belief as well. So I'm helping you with something that I've already done myself and I had to go through this journey, but there are two types of people that are gonna have money in this world, whether you do anything about it or not, there are gonna be good people that have good money and there's gonna be bad people, and they're gonna have good money, the less good people that try to make money. The greedy bad people are going to still be making money. Right? These are the guys that we talk about that are the negative archetype. And if all of the people that are moral, just gracious, generous, right, and good, all collectively decide to stop pursuing are entrepreneurial callings. And we all just simmer down and quench our ambitions because chasing money and loving, money's not a good. All the greedy mother efforts are gonna still be taken off. And then they're gonna be the ones with all the resources and all the wealth. So I wanna be one of the good guys that has the money, and I wanna take on those bad guys. And also the impact that we can cause is gonna be so much greater with resources. Instead of donating $5 for a bucket of water for a kid in Africa, you can donate 50,000 and build an entire village. Right. This is what it's all about. It's about impact and resource. Now I wanna say one of the key concepts and exercises that was used in our call for go abundance in the micro tribe. And that is this. Think about how much money that you make right now. So call it, we'll call it $10,000 a month. We'll say that you're doing well. You're making you're in a six figure position. We'll say $10,000 a month is what you're making right now. How does that feel to make that? What are the emotions around it? Does it feel good? Does it feel light? Does it feel heavy? Do you feel any kind of scarcity with that? Or are you like, ah, this is pretty good. Right now. Add a zero to that. What if you made a hundred thousand dollars a month, how does that feel? Sit with that feeling? How does that feel? A little bit more abundant. Do you feel like that's possible for you? Do you feel like you deserve to make a hundred thousand dollars? Notice how you physically feel when you're thinking about that? Right. Notice this, this is very important. Take a second. Now, add another zero. Now you're making $1 million a month. How does that feel? What would you do with that? Do you even think that's possible for you to make a million dollars a month? Is it possible overall? Yes. There are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of people that make a million dollars a month in the world. It's possible. Do you think it's possible for you or does it just have to be the reality for somebody else? Think about that. How does that feel? Good. Now how about $10 million a month? Yeah. Am I losing you now? Yeah, that's just impossible. Right? There's no way that anybody can make that people make that. And how would you view money? Sit with that and think about that. How would you view the, the wealth, if you're making $10 million a month, you probably wouldn't really care at that point, right? You're just like, oh, it's another April. Right? And at this point we realize. Money is just there. It's just energy. It's just flowing to us and through us and that's all it really is. And now it has no emotional attachment with us or for us. And that's the feeling sit with that feeling, bring it back to where you're at right now and apply it because all of the emotional attachment that we have with money is completely unnecessary. View it, as it is energy to be used expended and created. That's all it is. So think on that and really do some work and see what levels you felt uncomfortable with. Maybe you felt uncomfortable at 10,000 to start with work on that. Think about that and realize that you are as worth it as you think you are. Then we just do the actions behind it. And I hate to tell you this, but if you ever look at the kids from really, really wealthy families, even if they don't have handouts, they tend to just kind of gravitate back up. To that level of wealth, because they're used to it. They know that it's possible and they see all the people around them doing it. So they're gonna keep that train rolling because it's been rolling their entire life. It's all about the concepts. It's just about thinking bigger and realizing that it's possible. You just have to break it down into a formula. So this is financial mindset. To the T you will instantly go as far as you want to go. So use this as an example, to apply in your own life, where are you going? Small. Where can you go bigger? And where can you absolutely 10 X, a hundred X that thing and take it to the fricking stratosphere. I bet if y'all thought about that, you would find multiple areas where you could do that. Hope you got some value out of the concepts today . Go be great. Go be better than you were. See you.