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April 7, 2022

58 Units (W/ Mostly ZERO % Interest) at 23 Years Old - Ed Byler

58 Units (W/ Mostly ZERO % Interest) at 23 Years Old - Ed Byler

When i was 23 I had a Hangover. Ed Byler decided that instead of that for his 23rd birthday He would prefer a 7 figure 58 unit real estate portfolio.

Ed Byler is a commercial real estate broker out of North Carolina who has a knack for building long term relationships with long term people. He was able to not only raise money from friends he worked with, but purchase 51 of these units with ZERO PERCENT INTEREST through a direct seller - over a BBQ dinner.

He did all of this with a GED and a job paying no more than 60k at the time.
You can do it too!

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