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Dec. 15, 2021

25 Million Dollar Portfolio w/ "No Money Down" - Gabriel Hamel

25 Million Dollar Portfolio w/

Today's episode will destroy the excuse "I Don't have Time..." once and for all.
Gabe Hamel is a 39 year old Investor out of Eugene, Oregon who has been investing in real estate since 2006 through the "seller finance strategy" where he brings no money of his own to the closing table.  Through this he has built a $25,000,000 portfolio of mobile home parks, single family homes, and some multifamily - all with little to no money down. Insane right?

But wait.....there's more. Gabe is able to do all of this, WITH a family, WITH kids, WITH work, while still maintaining peak health and fitness. Gabe follows a strict diet and workout routine for years now and believes wealth means nothing without health and time freedom.

In this episode, Learn how to:

  • Buy real estate with no money down (seller finance)
  • Create balance in life through vision
  • How to raise kids in today's educational system
  • How to build life around freedom and fun
  • Create identities that hold you accountable

Gabe Hamel:
Instagram @gabrielrhamel
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