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Oct. 27, 2021

15 Minutes to Create your Vivid Vision #CommuteConversations

15 Minutes to Create your Vivid Vision #CommuteConversations
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How to create a vision and gameplan for your entire life....In the time it takes to drive to work. I give you - episode one of #commuteconversations with me - Brian Luebben.

Action Items:
-Get Book "Vivid Vision - Cameron Herold"
-Go somewhere out of normal environment (woods, coffee shop, in another city/town)
-Write out each Garden of life (Financial / Relationships / Faith / Friendships / Business / Hobbies / Where you live etc)
-Create your Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily Battle Plan
-Drink your coffee

Are You Stuck In Your W2 Job, Relationships, And Life?

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